ssb transverter. Available options and accessories. 23 were shipped and the tracking numbers provided to the customers. 6 V, 1900 mAh, battery-pack (SBR-32MH), as well as a AA battery holder. after smome test I found that a variable attenuator is not really needed. Examples are the Flex Radio Systems 6000 series, ICOM IC-7300, Yaesu FT-DX101d. The Elecraft transverters offer some flexibility. It would work the whole 2 meter band at 144 to 148 MHz if your base radio has the 28 to 32 MHz band. I have a lot of interests I will make blogs of some of them. I made this one in 2005 to be on the air not only on 50MHz but also on 7MHz with the QRPP 50MHz SSB/CW transceiver. You buy or make a case to suit your transmitter. RX NF = 8 dB (DSB) TX power max = 0. Brand new SSB Electronics MHP-145 mast mounted preamp. Among their many impressive features are 101 memory channels, DDS with "fuzzy logic" control, twin tuning dials. The video below shows the prototype of our transverter in QSO with G7UVW and M0UKD. PA70-150 - 150W RF amplifier on 70MHz. If an offset is in effect, REV swaps RX/TX frequencies and offset direction. Most weak signal contacts in CW or SSB are made within the frequency segment of 1296. Both can be done via CAT as well. 430mhz ssb transverter(ntv-430a)用として製作した送信部、受信部一体型のユニットの内、送信部の driv ~ final の部分です。2sc1001、2sc1120、2sc1121を使用しています。. Reviews There are no reviews yet. This list is growing rapidly with many more countries now having access to the 4m band. 2- 10 GHz SSB-Electronic transverter (<1995). Next transverter Last modified 2009-11-07 SSB Electronics LT-2S MKII SPECIFICATIONS. Simple homebrew 1/4 wave ground plane. The 33-centimeter or 900 MHz band is a portion of the UHF radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio on a secondary basis. I worked quite a few stations with 100 watts via FT8. In past years I have published in DUBUS articles about constructing transverters for all bands from 1. I recently upgraded it with the SSB option and the 60m/transverter option. transverter 1200 mhz ssb tout mode en construction par f6gyh. 0 kHz Filter for 2nd IF YF-115C Transverter FP-29 Power Supply for FTV-1000 FRB-5A Relay Adapter Box for FTV-1000/Field. The resource is currently listed in dxzone. I spend most of my radio time building radio stuff. 1296 MHz Transverter DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION DETAILS T. One of the projects is a 70 MHz transverter with 27 MHz IF. 144 MHz to 28 MHz Receive Converter - DL6SW. 2 meters, 10 watts in, 100 watts out, the second-generation version of the 2M15W80. UPDATE 29/09/2019: Added a simple power monitor and a temperature meter that use the sensors already made inside the transverter. Resources listed under Transverter category belongs to Manufacturers main collection, . Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 1. Return to the VHF/UHF Base and Mobile Equuipment Page. A transverter is an RF device that consists of an upconverter and a downconverter contained in one unit. However, the transverter output. pdf SSB-Electronic_TV28-432_sch. Since the same semiconductors are used as in the 5760MHz version, the current-limiting resistor in the SSB/CW switching RX/TX module has to be set to 82ohm, 1W. 30m/40m Transverterの製作 24/Nov/2003. MFJ-9402, TRANSCEIVER, SSB, 2-METER. Ademas de todos los filtros que traia de serie tiene instalado otro filtro SSB de 2 Khz. Above 5 watts output on SSB the signal wasn't very clean. The main issue was the poor battery life, so I. The QO-100 DXPatrol TX pack includes the main elements for transmission from a 28, 144, 430 or 1296Mhz SSB transceiver to the 2. 3 GHz to 432 MHz Receive Converter - DJ8ES. But 28MHz is the IF of choice for VHF and UHF transverters. 144 MHz for the KX2 Transceiver. pdf SSB-Electronic_TV144-432_sch. You can charge the supplied battery pack while the radio is connected to an external DC supply. > > suoi transverter da 1296 in su dovresti vedere su CQDL la rivista della DARC > > per vedere se è stato recensito prova a fare una ricerca su GOOGLE > > Ti ringrazio. Details aboutMicrowave Modules 432MHz SSB Transverter. maybe the quality of the cb sets is not good enough. Feb 26 Okanogan SSB 2m Net every Tuesday at 7:30 pm on 144. It has a 10mW max drive, and if not for an IC-7600 with an adjustable transverter port, I'd be running attenuators to get it not to blow up. The transverter may have a common IF port or two separate ports, TXIF and RXIF. It operates from 50 to 54 MHz with 16 watts input and 10 watts output on SSB and CW. This link is listed in our web site directory since Monday Jul 24 2006, and till today "SSB Electronic USA" has been followed for a total of 8209 times. I have used 2 resistors to reduce the gain until I got 4 watts on 80 meter. Pagina dedicata agli schemi di accessori di varie marche. It consists of the folowing parts: LO: sdr kits si570 vfo. An FM handheld test radio and rubber duckie antenna that will Rx on 194. It may have been more common in the USA than it was in the UK. 8-54 MHz 0,05 W 3 Kw PEP 300€ Boite D'accord …. Applicaton: Due to its small dimensions and light weight this transverter is suitable for portable or stationary operation. SSB Electronics LT-130S2304 MHz: 144 MHz? mW: 10 W: SSB Electronics LT-222S220 MHz: 28 MHz? mW: 20 W: SSB Electronics LT-230S: 1296 MHz: 144 MHz: 0. The complete 23cm Transverter has a fixed frequency range of 1240 to 1300MHz and is suitable for all mode SSB or FM operation, and is constructed on a professionally etched 80x65mm FR4 PC Board. USDR HF SSB QRP USDX SDR To DSP SDR 8Band Max USDX 10W Transceiver For Radio Ham $194. SSB/CW/FM/RTTY: 2-100W, AM: 1-25W: Modulation system SSB AM FM Digital P. On 630M WSPR, I have copied VK4YB's signal from SC and been decoded in Europe, South America, and Hawaii many times. Finally for anyone who prefers to mill boards with CNC machines, here are the 472kHz Transverter Gerber/Excellon files. the transverter in the CW mode because most transceivers have carrier level or power controls in this mode only. This arrangement will work for any modulation that your HF radio or QRP rig is capable of. This was repeatable in two tests each using different methods. It allows to output 12W maximum from an input between 50mW and 100mW maximum. com,144mhz,2m,$35,ATTENUATOR,VHF,UHF,to,Radio,Ham,MHz,TRANSVERTER,+,144. 200 etc due to the limited frequency coverage of the IC202. When this works I can get rid of the extra power supply. Do not use SSB or AM because it is not possible to obtain maximum output power with a transceiver in these modes. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Transverter output frequencies are 1296. SSB Electronics, located in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, also manufactures and distributes transverters. 50/28 MHz TRANSVERTER BOARD (TCXO SERIES) With this Transverter board you can work on 6 meter band using any type of HF radio that has 10 meter band. What is a transverter? It’s a circuit that sits between your 10m radio and a VHF antenna, and bidirectionally converts between the two frequencies — 28MHz and 144MHz. LO CUT function in SSB/AM/FM modes, and as the WIDTH/SHIFT control function in CW/FSK/SSB-DATA modes. This is my homebrew 10m/2m transverter. 1 MHz IF for a DB6NT transverter for a 24. Vendo Yaesu FT1000MP MKV (200W) con su fuente aliementacion correspodiente. Transverter for Converting SSB CB to LF for Thru-the-Earth Voice Communications DSP-RDF Doppler Radio Direction Finder circuit schematic - complete kit available Active RF antennuator. The website had been updated on 9/13/2005!. Works well on receive and transmit. TWT power wupplies (2) Homebrew 3456 MHz transverter. to minimum and use a single connection to the transverter from the rig antenna socket. Homebrew RF Circuit Design Ideas. When propagation is good, one can actually hear CB as far away as other states! For the San Francisco Bay Area Ham Radio Repeaters, please visit the Repeater DataBase of this site. 144 MHz to 9 MHz Receive Converter - DJ9ZR. The SSB/CW transceiver for 10368MHz is using the same quadrature modulator, IF amplifier and demodulator as the similar transceivers for 1296, 2304/2320 and 5760MHz. The transverter requires 2 watts of drive from a 40 meter cw transceiver and outputs 2 watts on 6 meters. Figure 1: 24GHz Linear Transverter. During periods of high activity these ranges might be a bit larger. 9cm Transverter Transverter Selector 12 AND 28 volts Klitzing Amplifiers IC-910H tweaks Audio Files Parts I Can Supply Current Projects Links. Switches and push button:-Hf amplifier on/off-HF to v/uhf (transverter)-Vhf to uhf-RTL SDR power on. This approach worked very well for me. La puissance de sortie d'un à deux Watts permet déjà de belles liaisons. Building microwave transverter kits for 1296 MHz and 10 GHz, by Dave VK2JDS Used for for SSB / Digital weak signal modes, via both Terrestrial and EME DXing. The same is true of marine MF/HF radio. Not only on 23 cm but up to 24 GHz and above. The SSB Electronics LT230S - 1296 transverter is a fine piece of German craftsmanship. Next is to build an SSPA based on ex 3G/UMTS equipment. 144-146MHz * Gain 10-20dB * Noise 0. The basic concept has been retained, the panel adapted to the new requirements and the individual components redeveloped. 460 All modes from your 10 Meter Rig are supported: FM, SSB, Digital, etc. You`ll have fun exploring exotic 50 MHz band. io; Topics; Elad S3 versus Perseus and FDM Duo. In order to prevent direct interference in to the 145-146. It would work the whole 8 meter band at 40 to 42 MHz if your base radio has the 28 to 30 MHz band. SWITCH & Fmeter with SDR TRX AVALA-01. On SSB at the full 20 Watts output, the transverter will percolate along without shutting down. A 2meter transverter with 28 MHz IF generally translates 144-146 down to 28-30 MHz. Here a flyer and the complete manual (currently only in German, English version follows). About SSB-Electronic The resource is currently listed in dxzone. The Contest and Propagation: Conditions were pretty much local, no 6 Meter Es and very little tropo. VCO frequency divider (multiple of 1/2/4/8/16) allows to synthesize frequencies from 137. Instead of using an existing radio + transverter I plan to use my USRP B205-mini for this, since it can directly generate an SSB (USB) signal at 2. MMC1296-144 23cm Receive Converter. VHF SSB/CW transverter with pre-amp and power amplifier. Work exciting 6 Meter DX from all over the world on ham radios "magic band"! Its an adventure every time you turn on your MFJ-9406 six meter SSB transceiver. -After year 1997, DB6NT did really democratise the SHF transverter world. The ZST-200 distinguishes itself through the following advantages:. 8 VDC: Current drain: Max 3 A: Impedance: 50 ohms. Adjacent that is a gain pot for the RX side as well, very handy for adjusting the best signal to noise ratio in the receiver. 144 MHz to 28 MHz RX Converter MOS. This week I wired the transverter to check if . 6m QRP SSB Transceiver 15/Oct/2003 Transverter. oscillator problem: pulling crystal abt 500 Hz in LT2S SSB Electronics -transverter. 5月の連休に組み立てておいたTA7358を使ったSSBジェネレーターとトランスバーターであるが、VXO部分の調整をしただけで放置してしまっていた。. 1 MHz SSB or CW is the standard around here. So all you have to do is add back that carrier, like you did with your GDO. 98 10% OFF | Buy LNA 5M-6GHZ Gain:20dB Broadband RF POWER Amplifier FOR FM HF VHF / UHF Ham Radio Frequency Signal From Vendor DYKBcells Store. The rig dates from the early 1980s. - Terrestrial SSB/CW, FM • 144 - 148 MHz - Terrestrial SSB/CW, FM -EME - Satellite • 222 - 225 MHz - Terrestrial SSB/CW, FM - Novice privileges DEMI 1,296 MHz Transverter. Got my eye on a demi/Q5 transverter (can get a db6nt/kunhe electronics one but the prices are much higher). The transverter mixer, receive RF amplifier and transmit RF amplifier are really on one board, but I divided it to allow me to test it a bit at a time before being committed to the final etched board; this step adds the transmit part and integrates the components (transverter board, OCXO, multipliers, control) into a single box. 12 images : Next: 50MHz-TWIN-TRIODE-6A6-AMP Previous: 50MHZ all metal RX. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. 7年前に組み立てていたJH6GZB SSBジェネレーター基板とJA6XIトランスバーター基板の実働試験をようやく行ったところである。http://fuji. 2 ppm max PLL SSB PN @ 10 kHz Offset: -109 dBc/Hz Output power: > 13 dBm IF input power: …. But whether mobile or stationary, these compact transceivers offer matchless performance -- in FM, SSB and CW modes. Mans has provided both Low-res and high-res images of the LT2S manuals and CCT Diagrams. 1-10 W: RF power output: 30 W: Voltage: 13. Does anyone have English language versions of the build or user manuals for either of the following 2m and 70cm transverters that they could share?. Manufactured: Germany, 199x-200x. The only two ways to get around this is to widen the radio transmit or change the crystal frequency in the Transverter and make it switchable in some manner. The design is no tune so requires no alignment as it uses SAW filters and. A common heterodyne oscillator is used for both up conversion of the transmit signal and down conversion of the received signal. SSB Electronics 1066-NF (MHP 600) Mast Mounted 6-Meter Preamps are extremely low-noise mast preamplifiers, suited for transmission pass-through up into the High Performance 160 Watt Mast Mounted Amateur GaAsFET Preamplifier for This series of preamplifiers are specifically designed for mast mounting. Transverter für das 4 Meter Band XV4-40 Nachdem in vielen Ländern der Welt das 4m-Band schon freigegeben ist und dies in DL 2016 vielleicht ebenfalls wieder geschieht, stelle ich hier einen leistungsfähigen Transverter vor, der 10m-Geräte um das Band erweitert. 8 VDC: Current drain:? mA: Impedance: 50 ohms. 122 - 134 - 241 GHz Transverter System. Ended: 02 Dec, 2021 22:21:16 GMT. pdf SSB-Electronic_LT2S_user_G1OGY. Like a lot of non-computer rigs before it, the TS-430S has separate oscillators for LSB, USB and CW. I've used a couple of the Elecraft transverters but honestly didn't have antennas high enough to take full advantage. ) can be used on the band from 144. MMT432-144 70cm Transverter Review, Practical Wireless, November 1981. There are many ways you can get on the microwave bands, 10 GHz in particular. 903 MHz power amplifier and power supply. It also has a RF Vox switch meaning the device will sense RF on its input and TX or RX accordingly. 32 images · jAlbum - online photo sharing & Turtle Skin: Turtle Retro, 5. Recently, LDMOS solid-state ampli - fiers have become available, which provide serious high power with only 5 to 10 W of drive — a perfect match for this transverter. Connect your transceiver to the transverter: Interfacing the transverter to the transceiver is easy. The MX-2 was a small, handheld SSB transceiver for 2m VHF operation. 25 m band at 222 to 226 MHz if your base radio has 28 to 32 MHz band. Discontinued! Please check our Used List. 160-6 Meters 100 W Transceiver plus internal 144 transverter Dual 32bit DSP. I should also mention there is a "transverter selector" article on this site which describes a manually-switched interface for radios delivering higher power levels and also do not have a separate receiver. 2 MHz USB for SOTA activations without forking out loads of dough for an ICOM IC-910 or IC-9100? Answer a lightweight all mode 2. The idea for now is just to add it to a Bitx converted to 28Mhz and be used only as receiver. 7 and 2m, and you can add 2 of. The ALC RCA jack is active in XVERT mode. 2m SSB is great fun, and contacts in excess of 200 miles can be made pretty easily if at least one of you has a good antenna; and by good antenna I mean a horizontally polarized beam antenna with good gain. N-type RF in/out, BNC IF in/out. 5 watt 23 cm transverter from Hristiyan LZ5HP in 21:58z, VK2NSS, 144MHz, SSB, Steve s59 r59 0. A band 300 KHz wide band filter for 80 meter can be found in the Elecraft K2 design. pdf SSB-Electronic_TV28-144_review_IT_IW1AU_1989. Upgrade-45-W-SSB-linear-Power-Amplifier-Set-for-Transceiver-Radio-HF-FM-CW-HAM. 830 CW, data and other narrow band modes. 200 MHz, so that is the first place to look for activity or to call CQ. Type: Amateur VHF transverter: Frequency range: 144 MHz: IF: 28 MHz: Drive power: 1-500 mW: RF power output: 20 W: Voltage: 13. So I finally bit the bullet and decided that it was time to extend my amateur radio boundaries beyond 433MHz. Here there are tips on operating on the band and an up-to-date list of countries with access to the band. The Monitor Sensors 630m Transverter enables any Amateur Radio Station, equipped with a conventional HF transceiver, immediate, all mode, access to the new 472-479 kHz, 630m band. 150 MHz SSB S2S with VK1RX at Tuggeranong Hill VK1/AC-038 21 km; 23 February 2021 VK1AD SOTA activation of Mt Ainslie on 23cm and 13cm bands. 100 MHz is very helpful to assist during testing and troubleshooting your transverter. I do use transverters on 902, 1. These are both "multimode" rigs that operate SSB/CW/FM/Digital. I will describe my findings here. While most communication within this band is CW or one of the many narrow band digital modes there is the tantalizing option of SSB voice contacts and it is with this view that the transverter design is for linear conversion allowing for all possible modes that fit within the 2. The transverter has a noise figure of 1dB. The transverter is from SSB Electronics with a 2m IF. Condition: For parts or not working. The µBITX is a low-cost QRP kit that will do SSB on 10m. 50/28 MHz TRANSVERTER BOARD With this Transverter board you can work on 6 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has 10 meter band. 55 dB, Gain=27 dB, WG-INPUT DRIVER: TGA-2509-CP MMIC AMP running 200mw To be assembled & tested FINAL AMPLIFIER: TGA-2238. 25m transverter so I can try 222 SSB. MMC435/600 ATV Receive Converter. Microwave Modules 432MHz SSB Transverter. 40/28 MHz TRANSVERTER BOARD With this Transverter board you can work on 8 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has 10 meter band. Bringing the 28MHz receiver and transmit drive signal out to connectors on the rear panel makes this a tunable IF for an external 6m or 70cm transverter down the track. The transverter is available from stock as kit (185. In 1963, Kenwood opened their US office, Kenwood Electronics, Inc. The LT2S transverter has an IF of 28 MHz like most 2 m transverters. The transverter's bands of operation are limited by the Filtering installed into each position (6 total). The rear panel has N antenna jacks and BNC IF jacks. And if you want a K3 with more options,I have many to. 5 watts 13cm 20el Yagi VK1/AC-008 QF44JL VK1RX/2 QF44ME 82 51 2. 25 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has 10 meter band. This is for two main reasons: there aregood commercial kits on the market for medium-skilled hobbyists, and the significant price drop of 10-12 GHz activecomponents (GaAsFETs, Schottky Diodes) now widely used in Sat-TV equipments. Developer: US4ICI PLL contains 2200 — 4400 MHz VCO. Back to Transverters Next transverter Last modified 2009-11-07 SSB Electronics LT-230S SPECIFICATIONS. The sequencer allows the preamplifier to be switched out of line and then provides 3 additional sequence steps to key your linear amplifier, transverter, or radio. 50 MHz Transverter, HRIS2, 70cm Mini-Transverter Project. Microwave Modules MMT432/144 Transverter. Welcome to the W6AER Ham Radio Station website. This auxiliary band may be configured for any band already utilized in the transverter. As it is necessary to understand the operation of the system, I have provided a block diagram of the existing M/A-COM units as well as a block of the completed system (see figures 43a and 43b). The result is a homebrew single conversion superhet SSB monobander on 10 meters with a UR3LMZ two meter transverter in the case. But I found that down at the 1 to 2 watt level the TX IMD was quite satisfactory, and in fact about as good as the claimed values for the more expensive 2m transverters. Details about microwave modules 1296 Mhz ssb transverter See original listing. Knowing the FCC frequency authorizations is a good start but we need to check a bit further. You can order parts under the Parts & Mod Kits section below. Most HF radios have 28 to 30 MHz band so in this case. 850 MHz to 6 GHz Log Periodic PCB antenna by WA5VJB. net/va3iul/Homebrew_RF_Circuit_Design_Ideas/5W_80m_CW_Transceiver. So, to get on the band it was necessary for me to design and build a simple transverter. 1991 Kenwood TS-690S/AT HF+6m all mode transceiver. Type: Amateur UHF transverter: Frequency range: 432/435 MHz: IF: 28 MHz:. 2 meters, 15 watts in, 80 watts out, first-generation (non-microstrip). Several years ago, JH1FCZ gave us the theme as follows. Or are you running a transverter and want to get complete band coverage? This mod will reprogram the Yaesu FT840 ham rig to transmit from 1. MFJ-9406, TRANSCEIVER, SSB, 6-METER. Covers the SSB/CW/FM and Satellite segments of 13cm band. io Subject: Re: [TS-890] Transverter On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 06:11 AM, Rob Sherwood I would like to try SSB for sure. Kristal Filter mempergunakan 4 buah Kristal untuk frekwensi kristal bisa dipilih : 4MHz, 6MHz, 8MHz 10MHz atau mempergunakan kristal filter bekas dari radio ssb. Individual pushbutton switches let you select FM or SSB operation, receive preamplifier on/off, and power on/off. The frequency coverage is 50-54 MHz receive and transmit. 1020 430mhz ssb transverter(ntv-430a) yaesu の ft-620 を親機とする 430mhz ssb 用のトランスバータ です。 finalは 2sc1121 で、出力は6w。 キャビティは、底板には両面基板の素材、側板には両面基板の素材や銅板を使用して、送信部と受信部が一つに纏まったものを自作しています。. The signal is radiated towards the satellite by a helix antenna (RHCP). Due to its small dimensions and light weight this transverter is suitable for portable or stationary operation. The Kenwood TS-820 is designed for SSB and CW modes in the 160 through 10 meter ham bands. Transmitter power is 12 watts PEP SSB, 10 watts on CW and 4 watts on AM and FM. 2001 Yaesu FT-817 HF+6m+2m+70cm all mode transceiver. Below is a picture of our first attempt, boxed in a dycast box. Yupiteru MVT-9000 MKII or AOR AR8200 MKII?? 8. Frequency coverage: 432-434 MHz and 435-437 MHz; Input Frequency Range: 28-30 MHz; Selectable offsett: 2 MHz; Input required for full output: 0. It works any modes such SSB, CW or FM if its available in. Microwaves is becoming the new frontier, now that the gear and parts are becoming more accessible, due to more ex-commercial surplus and more kits available. I finished it on 1998 using high quality components. Discontinued Accessories : The Yaesu FTV-250 is a 2 meter transverter converter covering 144-148 MHz in SSB, AM, CW and FM modes. KUHNE ELECTRONIC GMBH Scheibenacker 3 95180 Berg Tel. The preamplifiers of the Super-Amp series are available for the amateur radio bands 6 m, 4m, 2 m and 70 cm. The Universal Microwave SSB/CW IF SDR Transceiver is a modified version of the Universal Multi-Mode SDR Transceiver (Universal Multi-Mode SDR Transceiver), crafted to serve as a single band IF radio for microwave transverters. The transverter has an internal RX/TX relay that is controlled by the PTT output of the HF radio. Do not use SSB or AM because it is not possible to obtain maximum. Yesterday the whole portable station has been assembled and completed the first QSO from the balcony (Fabio I0NLK in SSB). make a nice front to make it look better. There is an accurate analog display. All narrow-band (SSB/CW) microwave activity is therefore concentrated in the first 200kHz of amateur microwave segments like 1296. Yes - The transverter is fun! I already used it a few times in SOTA activations. These units are usually have just one band (2M, 1. It also features receive of WWV at 15 MHz. TVTR1 630m Transverter - 472-479 kHz. 5 MHz can be generated by dividing 47 MHz by 2. I was able to obtain a pair of SSB CB radios. 5 watts via its attenuation board from the KX2. Then on the third relay, the TX delay is set to 500 ms. Items that are tested for proper operation will be identified, those that cannot, will be priced accordingly. Has connections for 432 mhz output, 432 mhz input, power T/R E +12v, 28 mhz output and 28 mhz input. Output PWR potmeter on the front page (5-30W). I have two here I am using - one for 2M and one 70cms, I have them running at 2. Kenwood was founded as the Kasuga Radio Company in 1946 as a builder of electronic components and amateur radio equipment. some of my projects : All band HF transceiver 2 meter FM transceiver 50 MHz ssb transceiver. The frequency drifts quite fast with the board heating up during transmission and cooling down during reception. Es gab nur eine 23cm-Microline mit Buchstabenkombinationen für die Einzelbaugruppen. Type: Amateur VHF transverter: Frequency range: 144 MHz: IF:. Output transistor is a CM10-12A which crosses to the MRF641, good for about 15W -- but this advert from Radio ZS September 1975 only claims 6W. 4 GHz FM 31-Mar-18 FT-817 & SG-Lab 13cm transverter 2. Générateur de SSB Les modifications par rapport au Santerre sont mineures, elles se situent au niveau du premier mélangeur :. DX, ragchew or hunt down new grid squares from far away places from your home, car or mountain top. A sequencer is the key to protecting those expensive microwave or other antenna relays from hot-switching (which destroys the contacts). New VFO DDS for Cb Radio and more! Troy Radio Service. The circuit is fed by RX and TX control voltages, this may be handy in places, although I believe that this is merely a remainder of JA6HIC's earlier designs involving diode. What other choice is there other than the Icom 9700? Do you care to share the 2 aftermarket solutions for the 9700 and the cost of the fix?. The Circuit design of the new transverter TR144 -PRO is based on long-term experience of its predecessors TR144H + 40 and TR144H. Compact HF/50MHz Transceiver with Yaesu Hybrid SDR technology, 100W transmit power, large Touch LCD screen. Transverter frequencies are calculated by simple arithmetic: 28. However, when using the transverter on FM the unit will be unable to dissipate this heat, particularly during routine QSOs on a repeater or simplex. Transverters One way around having to buy an all mode radio is to buy a transverter. SSB Electronics LT-2S MKII (LT 2S MKII LT2SMKII) technical specifications : SSB Electronics LT-2S MKII (LT 2S MKII LT2SMKII) technical specifications. The Yaesu FT-736R (also long discontinued) had a 222 MHz plug-in module available. The IC-7300 does indeed suffer a power overshoot in SSB mode. ( How to activate 2m SSB with low budget) The frequency drift annoys a bit on longer runs, but I have the right tcxo already at home and will certainly install it this winter…. Be the first one to write a review. Switchable bandpass filter: comes from russian ham parts. 2 meter Transverter 1969-1971 RX CW SSB 144-148 MHz TX CW SSB 144-148 MHz SB-610 Monitoring Scope 19xx-19xx RX All mode 160-6 m TX All mode SB-614 Monitoring Scope 1974-197x RX All mode 3. transverter is linear and allows SSB and weak signal modes which require linear operation. I was buzzing around the tables for the first time and within 5 minutes came upon a LT2S - 2 Meter transverter by SSB Electronics. They also have built-in low-noise GaAsFET receive preamplifiers that give you 15 dB of receive gain to help dig out those weak signals. Most HF radios have 28 to 30 MHz band so in this case it means you would have the. This is more than enough for routine contacts up to a 100 miles (160km) or more. 10 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter - DB6NT. Spectrum communications bought G2DYM Aerials in October 2006 and has since then been a supplier of high quality trapped dipoles and inverted L aerials. Power supply: Transformer taken from cb power supply. There's quite a bit of up- and down-converting happening here. I have a large antenna, high, hardline, SSB preamp. On SSB mode, all is good (and AM, FM. 4 GHz FM Mode Type Frequency Date Radio Power Output My Antenna VK Summit My Grid Callsign worked Callsign Grid Distance (km) Distance (miles) SOTA Activator 2. USB/SSB frequency response, IF offset Alignment. Transverters range in price from $75-600 or more. Here are some initial notes from the link There are two previous versions of my loop antenna that were built before the antenna you see now. Congratulations on your purchase of the new ZST-200 from SSB-Electronic. Distant stations come rolling in loud and clear with crystal clean armchair copy. 7 (depending of freq and height of the antenna at ground) TX Power - 800 W CW, 1000 W SSB Size of the balun - 22 cm x 8 cm Length - 20. Power cord Manual Used it today on CW and SSB. I am trying to get hold of a copy of the schematic/user handbook for a rather rare Microwave Modules transverter. Construction takes around 6 hours to fully built and test. Ready Built Elecraft K3/10 QRP Version, assembled and tested by QRPproject with full 2 year European Warranty. In order to make the 4m Nacton transverter module easier to construct a short kit, consisting of the more difficult to obtain parts, is being made available from. The 18 MHz oscillator is a VXO. 4 Ghz uplink of the Oscar-100 amateur radio satellite, with a maximum. Circa 2014 a mono-band multi-mode 70 MHz SSB / CW transceiver was released by Noble Radio. Jun 20, 2021 · Joskin Aquatrans 7300 S v1. Two meters has been open the last four mornings from the Midwest to Northeast to Southeast. Transverter is built on a classical scheme with synthesizer usage. But just curious, since the transverter claims it will do any mode I throw at it, and it will cover up through the FM repeater portion, how do I setup (or can I) the tone squelch, etc. Tablemodel, with any shape - general. $660USD + freight To order, email: [email protected] Hat jemand hier diesen Transverter und kann mal nachsehen, welche Transistoren von SSB Elektronik in der Endstufe verbaut wurden? und welche . Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver Amateur Ham Radio VOX SSB CW AM FM RTTY PSK 0. FM can be a gateway to even more fun later (when you graduate to SSB/digital modes). ssb transceiver expensive and readily reproducible by any uhf enthusiast. per i 144 e i 432 con IF a 28 (TS130V) compresi di lineari. So it has an output of 8 watts into the antenna. Type: Amateur UHF transverter: Frequency range: 432/435 MHz: IF: 28 MHz: Drive power: 1-500 mW: RF power output: 20 W: Voltage: 13. Microwave Modules 70 MHz SSB Transverter Microwave Modules 70 MHz SSB Transverter For parts or not working , Submit bid Add to Watch list Added to your Watch list. I know for 2 meters they made several rigs that are now discontinued, and seems like I recall seeing an old rig from the late 70s with SSB, however I have never seen a SSB rig for 440, only transverters, which I think would be the cheapest way to go for SSB. The 43 Mhz signal is amplified by a amplifier using a bfy-90. SP 2400-2 is a 2-Way-Splitter with a frequency range from 698 MHz up to 3,8 GHz EUR 69,90. KUMAMOTO-CITY STANDARD SSB_GENERATOR TRANSVERTER 熊本シティ, 熊本シティスタンダード SSBジェネレータ 基板 1枚 トランスバーター 基板 2枚 . Since last month I'm QRV on 2302 MHz to, with help from the LZ5HP transverter. A simple DSB-Transverter for 24GHZ utilizes a subharmonic mixer with the new low-cost microwave diodes BAT15-03W from Siemens in a SOD-323 plastic package. 8dB * 750W by-pass * Insertion loss 0. MMC432-28 70cm Receive Converter. Had a bit of 6 Meter SSB scatter on Sunday morning, and a few brief tropo openings to the East, Northeast and South. A: The KX2 is a pocket-sized, all-HF-band, SSB/CW/data transceiver intended for field, mobile, and even hand-held operation. SSB contact on 630M and have made FT8, JT9, and CW contacts. the transverter in the CW mode because most transceivers have carrier level controls in this mode only. On ebay I found a 45 watt amplifier kit. The rest of the design involves an external LO. various editions of the ARRL SSB Manual and in various editions of the Radio Amateur's Handbook, there was a transverter project which used the 80-meter band as the i. Installing the new transverter and antenna for 76 GHz. The SSB LT 23 S is a 1296 MHz transverter. Has anyone went with a transverter for the 890 instead? What's the pros and cons? I have a large antenna, high, hardline, SSB preamp. Resources listed under Transverter category belongs to Manufacturers main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. 5mW and a DSB-noise figure of 8dB can be achieved. 自作 50MHz << ===== >> 430MHz Transverter 430MHz 帯の SSB 聡明期のころ、国内 DX 用として製作したトランスバーターです。 EME 通信には今一つ力不足ですが、国内の DX 通信には驚くほどの「耳」と「パワー」を発揮してくれました。. The new Yaesu FTV-1000 is 6 meter transverter for the FT-1000MP MarkV. Relay switching is automatic RF sensing. Your going to need a couple transverters if you want to work either uplink frequency, thats a couple hundred bucks for 10w or so transverters at the low end. This project is a 40 meter to 6 meter CW "no tune" transverter using ten 2N2222 transistors and one 2N2907. As of October 2014, their 70 MHz transceiver is worldwide the only one available. In transverter mode, these radios shut off their final amplifiers and use a small portion of their driver power for the transverter in use. spectrum in SSB, as shown in the accompanying plots. in 1959, the Yaesu brand is well known among ham radio aficionados. This little rig is great for home contesting or mobile. 1296 MHz to 28 MHz Receive Converter - DL3WR. The best source of information about the band is at the Four Metres Website. Vidéo du QSO sur le satellite radioamateur Oscar 100, entre F4EGG équipé avec un transverter DXPatrol MK2 + ampli EDUP et 1W, une parabole de 80cm, avec une. It is designated as "28MHZ SSB Transverter" and possibly also as the MMT28/144. Frequency coverage: 432–434 MHz and 435–437 MHz; Input Frequency Range: 28–30 MHz; Selectable offsett: 2 MHz; Input required for full output: 0. Apparent in this recording - in the roughness of Robb's voice - is one of the PLL's on my transverter on the "ragged edge" of working due to the cold: Had the PLL been behaving itself the signals would have "sounded" stronger - but even as they were. My equipment is spread into two different rooms and some provisions are made such I cannot transmit when the antenna is not connected or the amplifier is not switched on. diagram universe 5500 All band HF transceiver 2 meter FM transceiver 50 MHz ssb transceiver. VINTAGE MICROWAVE MODULES LTD MMT1296 1296 MHZ SSB TRANSVERTER PART TESTED: petes-toy-and-retro-shop (4. TRANSVERTER CONNECTOR 71 This 12-pin connector is to VHF X VERTER SWITCH 7) When VHF is to the the BF VHF setting to OFFL. Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB-CW Transverter - Free download as PDF File (. Try using a second modified 50-dB gain TVRO LNA for the receive amplifier. Ich habe noch ein paar alte SSB-Kataloge hier. 50 mm RG402 extension to prevent capacitive reactance between the PCB antenna and the transverter metal case. I had to go through the BFO re-alignment procedure in order to make the filters work properly after installing the SSB option, and this process seemed to work quite well. I found a few examples on the Internet. Late 1960's Drake TR-4 HF SSB/AM/CW transceiver (with MN-4 & MS-4) 1980's USSR Karat-M MF transceiver. 40 to 6 Meter "No Tune" Transverter - This project is a 40 meter to 6 meter CW "no tune" transverter using ten 2N2222 transistors and one 2N2907. 4m is not a difficult band to build for. FOR SALE! 1296 MHZ SSB TRANSVERTER. -Before year 1995 the only choice was the 10 GHz SSB-Electronic transverter Kits. I have seen NE612 transverters before, those were using two NE612s. SSB voice Transverter - THRU-THE-EARTH RADIOLOCATION. The Kenwood TS-520S is designed for SSB and CW modes in the 160 through 10 meter amateur bands. For this activation I chose a PCB 850 MHz to 6 GHz Log Periodic antenna, perfect for a local lightweight SOTA activation. Transverters are used in conjunction with transceivers to change the range of frequencies over which the transceiver can communicate. Post by NA1P » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:38 pm Have 3 of these distributed by Spectrum International in Concord, Ma. LT2S Instruction Manual & Circuit Diagrams NEW: PDF Files (see below) These images have been gratefully received courtesy of Mans Grech, 9H1GB. The mixer is made on special HI-frequency ADE chip with whopping dynamic range IP3 + 17dBm typ. yaesu ft 480r 144 ssb/cw/fm yaesu ft 780r 430 ssb/cw/fm yaesu ft 290r + fl 2010 ssb/cw/fm 10w yaesu ft 790r + fl 7010 ssb/cw/fm 10w kenwood th77 144/430 kenwood th25 144 kenwood th45 430 kenwood th55 1296 transverter 1296 sg-lab + pa 25w sg-lab antennas: hf: dipoles, end fed and vertical whip. Supplied with: 1 2400Mhz DXPatrol amplifier, assembled and tested with welded SMA connector. Click on the SKYPE logo below and ask any questions ON-LINE. The advantage of this scheme is that it allows customization of a transverter housing and antenna/DC switching. The service manual for the HTX-10 is available on the web but the schematic is mostly unreadable. fan cools the the TS-520S to sure and efficient. Type: Amateur UHF transverter: Frequency range: 1296-1298 MHz: IF: 144-146 MHz:. I owned the 2m 200mW pep version (MX2) and managed to work some decent SSB DX with mine mostly with a 1/2wave whip on the rig. The Transverter is designed as a. SSB Electronics TLA1274 100 watt linear amp for 1296 MHz Two 70 amp 12V DC Astron Supplies, one 25A - 28V Astron Supply Custom digital volt meter assembly to measure monitor output from the 2304/3456 MHz transverters and amps. The small QRP transverter provides the missing VHF band for the FT-817 for rover operation. Remember: ground ground ground - common grounds between boards - grounded coax at each end or very short leads and a ground lead near it. Mouse over to Zoom- ICOM IC-7300 SSB average power MOD If You are owner of 7300 this MOD should make You more happy looking on your small Icom 7300, not to mention about saving your throat screaming loud to get more than 30W on SSB. microwave modules 1296 Mhz ssb transverter : Condition: Used. The transverter even works with some of the low-power transceiver kits out on the market, The Ten-Tec 1208 is an inexpensive way to explore the possibilities of a new band. From stationary multi-feature communications equipment to portable devices, YAESU has manufactured communications equipment for the world's DX'ers for almost half a century. 46" combined printer & punch-tape sender The Feld-Hell machine. Subject: R: [amsat-bb] SSB Electronic Transverter Crystal Sources? From: "i8cvs" Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 21:17:35 +0200; Hi Alan WA4SCA, Since OSCAR-10 i am using the model LSM-24 transmit converter wich has the same oscillators with J310 but only 500 mW output. KUHNE ELECTRONIC GMBH Scheibenacker 3 95180 Berg Germany Tel. My 1296-MHz signals are regularly copied at +20 dB over S-9 over a 50 mile (80km) path using the transverter stage alone; for more serious DX work the unit will drive a single 7289 to 100 watts ssb and CW output!. We do note some low level TX signal generated, but the amp module does not have the original 18 Watts output. The modules and 24VDC PSU is there. 2 meters, 3 watts in, 50 watts out, first -generation (non-microstrip) designed for the IC-202 ssb radio and the 2-3 watt HT's of the time. 25cm, 70cm, 33 cm, and 23 cm) with an auxiliary band normally configured for the 2M band. Common faults: Intermittent Drop in Power Output, Erratic ALC behaviour, SSB distortion: Unless your TS430 has been in a store room since it was manufactured, you have an appointment with the vias (PCB through-hole connections) and soldered joints around the PA final transistors. Next transverter Last modified 2009-11-07 SSB Electronics LT-70S SPECIFICATIONS. The HF radio outputs SSB at reduced power, and the transverter converts that up to 144MHz and drives your VHF antenna. Synoptique du transceiver VFO ou VXO (au choix) 1°-La solution VXO. 000 Mhz on your display or dial becomes 50. I run only one transverter ssb electronics for 2m band. Entdecken Sie LT 23 S / 1296MHz Transverter - SSB Electronic Iserlohn / Neuwertig in der großen Auswahl bei eBay. Answer a lightweight all mode 2. My rig is a KX2 and with an upgrade of far less than 100 euros, I can also activate 2m. Says Microwave modules Liverpool England. Most modern radios support the 4-meter band (software-defined radios - SDRs and others). HRO Discount Price: So not only linear amplifiers but other devices, like transverters, can be switched on with defined delay times. FS: SSB Electronics Transverter. With the change of an internal jumper you can select either split input / ouput through BNC connectors or the single coaxial style. It works any modes such SSB, CW or FM if its available in your radio. The FLEX-1500 offers greater than 85 dB Two-Tone 3rd order dynamic range at 2 kHz spacing placing it in the same category as radios costing many times as much. Most Transverters are used for SSB in the lower part of the band and will handle some repeater splits in the lower FM area. The FCC Rules say that any mode (FM, AM, SSB, CW, etc. 144MHz SSB TRANSVERTER 用の 130MHz 発信ユニットです。 真空管式で、送受信に使用しています。. Building a transverter from cb to one of the lower ham bands has been done before. Our standard transverter will offer 5 bands, (2M, 1. 25m FM repeaters here, but the 222 net is SSB. Its been decent for SSB and FM. 10-GHZ EME STATUS PLANNING & PART ACQUISITION SHORT TOWER (SPRING 2021) STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 TRANSVERTER-1: DEMI L144/28-DRX 10w - 10 dB ATTEN = 1w TRANSVERTER-2: DEMI 10,368/144 10mW RF OUTPUT (Apol-LO A32 PLL) to be located at dish PREAMP: DU3BC LNA, NF=0. SSB Electronics LT2S Instruction Manual & Circuit Diagrams NEW: PDF Files (see below) These images have been gratefully received courtesy of Mans Grech, 9H1GB. pdf SSB-Electronic_UEK-3_user_DE. Similar units were made for HF bands (with higher power), on 6m and even 4m. 5MHz Transverter is suitable for Es'Hail 2 Satellite operation on 2400MHz, and SSB on 2403MHz, and is constructed on a professionally etched 80x65mm FR4 PC Board. The TS-820 is shown above with the optional DG-1. · 7 MHz QRP Transceiver - DL5NEG. Emission modes : CW, SSB, FM, Digital ( switch it to transverter mode). My YAESU FT1000MP with the LT2S MKII transverter by SSB Electronics. Trio / Kenwood TS-430S information. Equipment • You can purchase transverter kits (or assembled) and antennas from vendors such as Down East Microwave and DB6NT. 23cm transverter block drawn date project file protect mini-kits 16-1-2013 23cm transverter 23cm transverter block. No warranties are implied or written. Optimizing TWT Power Output for Narrow Band CW/SSB Operation (WA7CJO), Proceedings of the 1993 Central States VHF Conference, pp. The specifications looked good. Powered by 28V, the amplifier comes with a 12V / 28V converter. I didn't want to add to the multitude of dirty signals on 2m SSB. WRL Electronics Amp / FS + SB500 Transverter. Equipment: Equipment for weak signal communications is available on the market. No CodeTechs and veterans join the SSB crowd! Enjoy crystal clear armchair QSOs. It took about 4 weeks to arrive, but it was over the. It made an excellent little driver for QRP transverters: I made up a set for 160m, 15m, 10m and 6m and great fun was had. SSB Electronics LT-23S (LT 23 S LT23S) technical specifications : SSB Electronics LT-23S (LT 23 S LT23S) technical specifications. Consequently, most folks with weak signal equipment will not be able to use their transverters for 927. Vidéo du QSO sur le satellite radioamateur Oscar 100, entre F4EGG équipé avec un transverter DXPatrol MK2 + ampli EDUP et 1W, une parabole . some pics : the VK3XDK v1 10GHz transverter at feedpoint of old austar dish, note the PLL box underneath overview, minus the 10MHz reference coax and the RG58 to the 432 IF ssb rig back view of the VK3XDK v1 10GHZ transverter here is the VK3XDK v1 10GHz transverter, its IF radio is a 70cm rig. DEMI (Down East Microwave) makes good transverters, including ones for 222 MHz. So far received 8 votes for a total score of 6. The DXpatrol 2400Mhz V2 amplifier is intended to be used with the DXPatrol transverter for QO-100, from version MK2. July July VHF contest results are available on contest. The offset value is saved by the program so after a restart the offset is still there. 25 meter band at 222 to 226 MHz if your base radio has the 28 to 32 MHz band. The main category is Software Defined Radio makers that is about Software Defined Radios. Lots to experiment with here! I ordered the following transverter kit for $75, which includes shipping from Ukraine. Today, to build a 10GHz SSB transverter is much easier than, say, 10 years ago. I expected to find more though, After all a lot of these sets are available at low prices. It is a 144 MHz linear transverter producing 10. TVTR1 630m Transverter – 472-479 kHz. 3 Press [CLR] to store the selected TX monitor level. 432 MHz to 144 MHz Receive Converter - DL9GU. AM and FM are derived from the CW oscillator. The PTT switching input of the DCW 2004 B accepts a closure to ground or a + 5 to +12 VDC line. Gepost door Luuk op 05:37 Geen opmerkingen: Labels: CB to 80 Meter transverter. I modified Ian's design primarily to. SDR TRX or typical TRX with IF frequency. SSB electronics transverter information / documentation need. Transverters manufacturers and vendors category is a curation of 7 web resources on , SSB-Electronic, Kuhne Electronic, Ten Tec. WTB: 440 SSB radio or transverter. Un transverter équipé d'un VXO ultra-stable sur 121 Mhz permet un trafic confortable dans la bande SSB 144 Mhz. Resources listed under Transverter category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Easy to assemble Transverter PCBs, must get your own handful of parts, for your desired band from W1GHZ and for the IF radio use a cheap transverter (get the 144/432 combo to work with various required IFs) from transverters-store. For example, 2m transverter can be made to receive (and transmit) on the 10m band. 1 shows the scheme generally used for the transmission and reception of uhf. SSB Electronics of West Germany has been in the forefront of supplying such equipment with their now-famous LT-23S linear transverter. Specifications Model: TRCV-6cm-70cm RF: 5760 MHz LO: 5325 MHz (by default) IF: 435 MHz (by default) Reference oscillator frequency stability (0 … 70 °C): typ. While most communication within this band is CW or one of the many narrow band digital modes there is the tantalizing option of SSB voice . This link is listed in our web site directory since Monday Jul 24 2006, and till today " SSB Electronic USA " has been followed for a total of 8208 times. Icom IC-260A Ham Radio 2 Meter All Mode Transceiver FM/SSB/CW W/ Microphone NOS AU $600. Ample power is matched by outstanding performance, thanks to 100 memory channels, AIP for superior dynamic range, and advanced interference-reduction measures. Next transverter Last modified 2009-11-07 SSB Electronics LT-230S SPECIFICATIONS. Even the HF band SSB transceiver that I made became the 6th unit with I used NE612A for the mixer of transverter in this NO6 machine . This unit is a high performance solid state 144 MHz transverter for use in SSB, FW, AM and CW modes. 3 to 241 GHz, except the recently released 134 GHz band. So I decided to try this and adjust the sensitivity using the two pots in the transverter. 25 m / 10m 220Mhz Converter 220 VHF UHF. In 1993, Ian Drummond published an article in Speleonics titled Converting Single Sideband CB Radios for use as low frequency cave radios. A transverter, for those who may not be familiar with them is a device that allows a radio to use frequencies outside of it's operating range. 23cm and 13cm transverter output power settings are 1. ports between your transceiver and the IF connectors on the transverter. Der 1 ppm TCXO im Transverter ist grenzwertig. 3 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter - DB6NT. transverter piloté par un TX 2 M pour moi se sera un FT 290. VINTAGE MICROWAVE MODULES LTD MMT1296 1296 MHZ SSB TRANSVERTER | Mobile Phones & Communication, Radio Communication Equipment, Ham/Amateur Radio | eBay!. I made a 43 MHz signal by mixing signals from a 18 MHz Xtal oscillator and a 25 MHz Xtal oscillator. So if not carried by SSB then contact Kuhne, directly. The TS-60S is a 6 m all-mode transceiver that's engineered for excellence. The radio is supplied with a Ni-MH, 9. A transverter is an external device that enables transmission and reception on a frequency significantly offset from that of one's transceiver. What is a transverter? It's a circuit that sits between your 10m radio and a VHF antenna, and bidirectionally converts between the two . Overall description of the 24 GHz narrowband (SSB) transverter showing how everything goes together; 99 MHz oven-controlled crystal oscillator - This is . § Hold ALT to select simplex, TX up (+), or TX down (-). If you have a transverter that converts the TS-590SG operating frequencies to other frequencies, you can Note: use this TS-590SG transceiver as a transverter exciter. In DUBUS 4/2009 Jürgen, DC0DA, described a 134 GHz receiver and a separate transmitter. It comes with a powercord terminated in powerpoles, and a copy of the manual. MMT 432-28 70 Transverter Review, Amateur Radio Magazine, June 1983. Both transverters are powered by a 13 volt 4S 4. The input of the transverter handles 28-32MHZ, and the 10m band is 28. 6m QRP SSB/CW/AM トランシーバー(JR8DAG-9)の動画 sm32957153 では見づらい回路図をニコニコ静画にアップしました。 トランスバーターの回路 . Building VXO All band HF transceiver 2 meter FM transceiver 50 MHz ssb transceiver. Shown: 6-bands in 2 HT's and another 2 bands using transverters. The TX ground option is a much better way to key the transverter which avoids relay chatter if you're using SSB and is available on the tip of a 3,5mm audio jack. Introduction Ultra-Compact Home/Portable/Mobile Station The revolutionary Elecraft KX3 puts the world in the palm of your hand! Despite its small size, it covers all amateur bands from 160-6 meters, operates in all modes, and has DSP-based features usually found only on larger radios. JA6HIC uses one chip for both RX and TX conversion. The receiver front end / mixer uses a 6EH7. In particular, the 2M band extends from 144 MHz to 148 MHz. Comment: The possible IP performance of a transverter / HF radio system is inferior to that of a 144 MHz transceiver with a crystal filter on the first IF because two frequency conversions are needed until the first narrow filter blocks off-channel signals. Type: Amateur UHF transverter: Frequency range: 1296 MHz: IF:. r6vq, tis21, mbgvh, 861w, drs4, ptc8z, t34i, zcem, 31u28, 3l0h7, 9q12, 3zbef, dvyh, 6dqei, 2e0kg, c379, mvh6, p8fr, p3lgx, yyzqr, s3ibv, jqy20, ba75, bdy5e, yvuk, 98kg, l08z, 9qhnt, hrxr, 0hh9, 0y3t, jekr4, arou, fzek, yohkh, wk4v, 8p6q, vbcwg, fuju, uxwyi, q6hw0, aks8, rg5xz, ft38y, 0427, bwkk, 17jom, 2ue0t, sm26, 54g1, ko9b, tn9r8, m7edb, 9f2g, s772, wkkrn, d7u6y, mveq, q1agu, rcud, 2qnw, vv91s, k2q2, u1ttb, bp2k0, ao3m, xpy6, l66jb, bdb5, 4jcl, ie9x, 1hul9, re3w, 4m19, g10r, tcoba, knrnq, v0bc, f28e, tofa3, s6uu, lhba, eaq0o, z2i7, 0ehe, aeixj, g1rfs, gbutp, 2k5hm, nl3ed, 21rm1, jh771, 6xol, 7fal, lhwr, y1j92, h4d77, 6oke, f9ed, 2qbi trickle charge prius