spideychelle tumblr. I think this is a great example of how well Erik manages to control the context of whatever scene he's in. we survive this… i'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some. I won't be starting any new stories this decade year, just adding chapters to my Pride and Prejudice AU, so it's time to update the masterlist! HAPPY HOLIDAYS . Clarke, failing to get into med school, accepts an offer into a creative writing MFA instead. Authors have submitted their summaries and artists- you'll soon be able to claim your pieces! POWERED BY: TUMBLR. See a recent post on Tumblr from @i-lovethatforme about spideychelle. Strange's intervention, the holes within the universe began to seal. Lost a bet: spideychelle or parkner based it on this Answer: Heyyyy! So, as you already know, the fic turned out differently than the prompt but… I hope you like it still? It's All. You see, the person who made hiimmarymary has a sideblog here, @whyhellomynameismary. Hi glad you’re enjoying the spideychelle/petermj fics I’ve been rec’ing so far, which you can find below: part 1: slowburn fics. Decorate and personalize laptops, windows, and more. spideychelle-jc reblogged this from pennorquill spideychelle-jc liked this animelover4157 liked this. Please have a look at the full domain report for tumblr. At the request of @projectdestati and others, I've taken pictures of the KH3 Kairi Bring Arts model of her hood (which has ears again) and the back part to help cosplayers (had to rely on the reflection to get a good shot of the back). My collection of headcanons of SpideyChelle Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Peter P. I'm new to Tumblr so I just a wanted to post something to let you know what my account is about. red orange yellow green cyan blue purple pink magenta grey nude. Summary: Where Peter Parker is a YouTuber with 8 million subscribers and has a crush on Michelle Jones. Hi hi it's me again, back w another series of spideychelle/petermj fics. " [I love] how you'd kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something. This blog is dedicated to helping bring content the entire month of August by setting up topics for every week and giving a specific task/topic every day! What's a better way to celebrate our favorite pairing becoming canon other than an entire month content sharing dedicated to them. all the feelsoutside POVsangst & pining. Avengers 1, except a reluctant 20-year-old Spider-Man gets caught up in the whole thing. According to Liz, Harry was out with Ned, and Peter was out patrolling. here-be-spideychelle liked this. it took me a little bit of time (since i seem to almost exclusive read post-war firelord/ambassador zukka. #spideychelle#peter parker#michelle jones#petermj#far from home#tony stark#social media au#ig edits#mine#lmao getting off after i post in fear#i guess endgame didn't happen in my world?? and tony lived??#let me live#1k#2k. The Universe Conspires by nire (5972 words, 1/1) When Peter Parker says the words that identify him as her soulmate, Michelle Jones refuses to play by the rules. I Don't think I'll ever delete this account, but I'm obviously also not active anymore and will only come back. (Especially since lately the Spideychelle. MJ: No problem *several hours later* Peter: Where the fuck is my wallet. 130 notes tumblr be like that sometimes. Part 2 of the spideychelle mermaid au My Twitter. Literally one of the best spideychelle fics out there and I cry nine out of ten times by the end. MJ: No problem *several hours later*. asmartblondfinally liked this. Tagged: #spideychelle #spidey #spiderman #spider man #michelle jones #mj #peter parker #far from home #personal #madmadmilk #art #illustration #wip #my art #drawing #maddraws. First of all some Percy Jackson stuff and my current books. Discover more posts about michelle jones, petermj, peter parker, spiderman, marvel, peter x michelle, and spideychelle. So instead of tracking 10 blogs at all times and trying to catch up, this is one blog with all of the work that you can read back through. How do I top a Kool-Aid Man reference??. of course I had to edit them at some point. FOUR YEARS AGO ON APRIL 23, 2016 — BEYONCÉ RELEASED "LEMONADE" The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 485,000 copies in its first week of sales and Beyoncé became the first artist in the chart's history to have their first six studio albums debut at number one. spideychelle tom holland zendaya zendaya coleman marvel cinematic universe marvel cast mcu marvel spiderman cast ship picsart petermj peter x mj peter parker mcu mj mj and peter peter and mj wallpaper wallpaper edit lockscreen edit lockscreen. yelena: *sighs* please don't ask. com for extended statistics about the Tumblr. MJ experiences every emotion at once. #ao3 #spider-man #spideychelle #ao3 fanfiction #spider-man fanfiction #Spideychelle Week #spideychelle week 2k20 #michelle jones / peter parker More you might like. took my favourite mood board picture and made it into PeterMJ who find studying each other much more fun part 1. #spideychelle #irondad #michelle jones #Peter x MJ #mj x Peter #Peter Parker #Tony stark #michelle jones watson More you might like. Sideblog for fanfic and moodboards, primarily Spideychelle. Eight hours of Peter attempting to ask Michelle if she's his girlfriend. Anonymous said: helloooo!! first of all i love your fics you're an incredible writer ty for blessing the petermj/spideychelle community 🙏 and i was wondering if you have fic recs for pregnancy/kids. spideychelle; tomdaya; Spider man far from home spoilers; peter x michelle; peter x mj; tom holland; Zendaya; mcu; Older posts → Subscribe; Mobile; Archives; Search. marvel spiderman far from home peter parker spideychelle spiderman ffh tom holland zendaya. A lot of media tends to prioritize romantic relationships as the end all be all and the friendship is only briefly highlighted, but that doesn't really happen here. hiimmarymary is really Nick Nocturne. please peruse my wid page before making any requests. Once it reaches the bigger spop accs it'll be easier to gain notes :) love your works! Aw this was very kind of you to send T0T. Maybe even some relatable posts. Peter looks down, groaning from the effort. kayla's art bloggy! // both fanart and ocs// scream anything spideychelle, claudeleth, or xiaotraveler my way. See a recent post on Tumblr from @seek--rest about spideychelle. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ft. legiterally do not understand criticism of the batman like it's the most accurate batman i've ever seen he's tired he's mentally ill he's emo he's cringe. idblowburrow: mason greenwood didn’t ruin his career he ruined harriet’s life, no one in a relationship should go through emotional and physical abuse. Currently only limited information about the hostname spideychelle-romanogers. package: a functional fish bowl, but you know… a jar. itoldthestarsaboutyou you look really nice today!. A Juno AU 19/19 chapters, 115k+ Rated: T And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe (Complete!) It's a long-standing tradition for brides to wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue. kate, 22 "the one thing that he did that he didn't second-guess was picking you" 1 / 1. Summary: Loki and (Y/N) visit Asgard and meet the parents, and Loki decides to propose <3. The Spideychelle Big Bang (SBB) is a challenge for writers and artists revolving around a piece of fiction centered around the relationship of Peter Parker and Michelle Jones (MJ). He asks about what girls like and what they want to here. Sticker types may be printed and shipped from different locations. Because No Way Home ended so sadly and horribly for Spideychelle, I'm going to pretend that never happened. Social Media AU Part 2 - Spideychelle with a side of Irondad. Inspired by @machiavelien's spideychelle fwb fic Turn This Into Something Sweet! "I'm not—we're not getting back together," he panted, "I just couldn't help it—" "I know. aidan gallagher lockscreen aidan gallagher aidan gallagher icon aidan gallagher header aidan gallagher pack papel de parede wallpaper lockscreens plano de fundo aesthetic tela de fundo five the umbrella academy the umbrella academy tua wallpaper tuadaily. pairing: tom!peter parker x female!reader. (GIF not mine… credits to owner @fymarveluniverse). marvel and spideychelle are my jam. Originally posted by fymarveluniverse. Oooh unplanned pregnancy w/ happy endings!. Peter had left his stuff with his girlfriend and had swung away to stop the crime. # :) # HAP BIRTH PREM YOU DESERVE ALL THE FLOWERS. hashtag guide for my blog — Favourite Artwork — #fav Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra — #korrasami, #sukka, #kataang, #rangshi, #maiko, #zhurrick, #kainora, #bopal, #wuko, #tyzula, #senraq, #kyalin Fire Emblem: Three Houses — #claudeleth, #petrathea, #ferdibert, #hildamari, #netteflix, #cathmir, #dimidue, #dimileth, #edeleth, #linspar, #. pairing: Peter Parker x Michelle Jones summary: where they're both okay (the hug!!!) warnings: not much just me being a slut for spideychelle holy crap (also i know nothing about mysterio or his powers bear w me) word count: 1. all edits tv shows films graphics lyrics moodboards. multifandom! mostly hockey, stranger things, and the zelda franchise. 🏳️‍🌈Into writing, reading, Greek gods, LGBTQ+ stuff, a few fandoms, and music. Peter is a precious young man who shouldn't have to lose everyone he loves and cares. I am an avid fan fiction writer and also @DanAndMaz's biggest fan. no one: absolutely no one: me @ tom holland: 841 notes Sep 2nd, 2019. relationship!spideychelle and kid(s)!. Pinned Post mcu mcu masterlist masterlist spideychelle headcanon marvel cinematic universe marvel headcanons marvel romanogers avengers MCU fanfiction 44 notes May 27th, 2019 Open in app. arandompagupug reblogged this from blacklionshiro-backup. spideychelle week 2020 babey; spicy content; back; commissions! please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before contacting me you can contact me for a commissions via my twitter, ko-fi, or tumblr. 3) I guess I gotta start somewhere Peter Parker x Michelle Jones Watson (post-NWH) wish a dashing of Ned Leeds being a bro It takes a minute or two for his brain to absorb Michelle's departure, his hand ghosting over the necklace she laid on the table. #petermj #michelle jones #spiderman far from home #spideychelle #zendaya #spiderman #aesthetic #spideychelle art #spider man #edit #beige #fic writers i need you rn #i tried my best ok More you might like. Removable, kiss-cut vinyl stickers. Two's Company When Three's Allowed. The Golden Hour - parkner endgame, spideychelle - There are infinite realities—all unique, all separate. i am a fool for western air temple zukka tho) but the with help of @bisexuallsokka and @nothing-more-than-hot-leaf-juice , i have compiled a few fic recs for your reading pleasure. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global com. Spideychelle Spideychelleweek2k20 Michelle Jones Peter Parker Mysterio. #avengers #aou #aiw #endgame #tony stark #iron man #incorrect quotes #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes #source: tumblr. decadentdeputyturkeyfan liked this. You’ve officially waited too long to seek higher ground. MJ and Peter are classmates at Midtown Tech, the prestigious high school which Peter Parker attends in. Discover more posts about peter x mj, michelle jones, ned leeds, michelle jones watson, petermj, mj watson, and spideychelle. Pairing:Peter Parker x Michelle Jones, Petermj, Spideychelle Warning: slight swearing Summary: Michelle finds out Peter's biggest secret but she'll keep quiet only on one condition. It's so unbelievably warm under this blanket on this tiny twin bottom bunk, Michelle's sure she'll spontaneously combust. i mainly write for parkner, spideychelle, biomechtech, interwebs & irondad, but i am open to trying to write for other pairings! just ask me and i'll let you know if i'm interested! and i do take requests, pretty much all the time :) navigation and tags 04. With a whopping 120 votes, these seven prompts were the ones that made it to the top. Spideychelle Week: Day One! //Alright, all! Here goes. For any questions or to have a look at the rules, please refer to our Rules or FAQ, and if you any further questions please send an ask, tweet at us @ spideychellebb. you will have to be on a browser if you are on mobile to see the directory, not the app. Spideychelle Conga Line Part 12. spideychelle 🌙 Posts; Following; Archive; spiderman-homecomeme. the good place au another colorblind soulmates mj hates soulmates they meet on a train. What's the Spideychelle Big Bang? The Spideychelle Big Bang (SBB) is a challenge to collaborate on creating a piece of fiction (at least 10k words) and art revolving around the relationship of Peter Parker and Michelle Jones-Watson (MJ). truth be told he's too into his Spider-man/Avengers duties to really, REALLY do anything in the romance department; in fact, he doesn't think about MJ much except in the abstract. He feels the muscle and tissue knitting together inside him already, closing up the knife wound, but he's still bleeding out and there's enough blood. by: seekrest ( @pursue-solitude) & thesemovingparts (@premiere-pro) 19k words | rated M "Come on, then, let's get this over with. Log inSign up RecentTop Posted by #spideychelle 5kfollowers FollowNew post. #spidermanedit #mcuedit #dailymarvel #spideycentral #fyeahspiderman #petermj #spideychelle #peter parker #michelle jones #mj #spiderman: no way home #spider man: no way home #sm: nwh #no way home #nwh #nwh spoilers #spoilers #* 377 notes. You can still love the world she created (I do), and can still draw hope and inspiration from it (I do), while acknowledging that she. HELPPPPPP films marvel mcu nwh tasm spidey peter parker spiderman mj watson michelle. tagged as: -spiderman -spider man -spiderman no way home -spiderman 3 -tom holland -michelle jones -michelle jones watson -spideychelle -art -fanart -it's been so long since i've posted 0_o sorry my dudes -hope everyone's been doing well! :) -question. art (insta) ask me anything; rss; archive; July 3, 2019 (1:21 am) 949 notes # ffh spoilers # far from home spoilers # peter x mj # spideychelle # *snorts* toddsroses liked this. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit;. She had robes laid out, face masks, a facial steamer, an aromatherapy diffuser, the whole nine yards. Thanks for participating in the voting process! Make sure you save the date, and stay on the look out for more information to come. #spideychelle #spiderman #spiderman no way home #no way home #marvel #mcu #michelle jones #peter parker #spiderman art #spiderman fanart #marvel art #marvel fanart #zendaya #tom holland #art #digital art #fanart #my art #illustration #digital illustration #drawing #digital drawing #artists on tumblr Tumblr is a place to express yourself. #spideychelle on Tumblr daisychainez Drabble: Where am I at? pt. * = Explicit! #spideychelle · #michelle jones · #petermj · #peter parker · #spiderman · #machi fic · #master list · #feliciamj. Tysm @machiavelien for some spideychelle are they aren’t they fluff 梁 continuing the tradition under the cut x. WELL @coykoii THAT TOOK A TURN. I'd love to see some fluff Spideychelle hurt/comfort with Peter signing MJ's cast after she hurts her ankle on an adventure! Sorry this is so late nonny! I LOVE this prompt, especially as a switch-up on PeterMJ hurt/comfort scenes 🥺 Here’s some pre-FFH fluff for you my dear!. If any non-PeterMJ fic pops up (probably incorrectly tagged on Ao3) send an ask or message and it will be removed. A blog dedicated to spideychelle fanfiction recs. he’s a piece of shit that deserves to be locked up and never step a foot on a football field again. Don't Fear The Reaper - WIP, 4 Chapters, 17. #wow hello I do not use tumblr anymore at all BUT. 7k a/n: last fic before surgery tomorrow yeeee!!! enjoy!!! unedited!!! more than usual!!! MJ. #reddie #my art #it fanart #richie tozier #eddie kaspbrak #reddie fanart my art spideychelle spiderchelle petermj peter 1 spider man fanart they're delivering lunch for mom originally Peter was only carrying one kid but toddlers get tired and grumpy easy. They did the meme!!! (I know this is a Spideychelle/Tomdaya blog, but I needed to post this because it was too good) 😆. Zendaya is amazing! Tom is the best. yelena: thats sam's room, thats barnes'. ask me anything; rss; archive; Spideychelle Conga Line Part 2. watch flowers grow with me jess. my art spideychelle spiderchelle petermj peter 1 spider man fanart they're delivering lunch for mom originally Peter was only carrying one kid but toddlers get tired and grumpy easy 97 notes Feb 14th, 2022. When she meets him, she assumes he's. It's also how you can spot the people who don't live here. #I really wanted to post this one here 🤧. Now that it's happening, though, everything is so much more confusing. Originally posted by vizual-demon. I just think it's really interesting that once I became more visibly Jewish- wearing a tichel or kippah on a daily basis, wearing my hamsa, learning Yiddish- I was immediately faced with (misdirected) transmisogyny- being called transmisogynistic specific slurs, being followed and harrassed off buses, being followed and watched in women's bathrooms, etc. Spideychelle angst, makes me sad but I love it and you guys should too 😌 This scene is from @softchelles baby ficlet, it's a really good read! Here is the link to it. muirin007: JK Rowling is being terf-y and awful on Twitter again, so I just want to remind everyone of a few things: 1. Force of Habitby @you-guys-are-losers- it's tough trying to keep your relationship a secret when your boyfriend is an idiot 2. I have always wanted to write a MJ as Nick Fury’s daughter fic!Thanks @justmattycakes !!. It's a simple edit, but I still hope you like it! nancy drew nancy drew cw ace nancy x ace nace fanvid nancydrewedit naceedit youtube edit kennedy mcmann alex saxon. Spideychelle, Finn/Rey, and Harry/Ginny. when hozier said ""when my time comes around " "lay me gently in the cold dark earth " "no grave can hold my body down " "i'll crawl home to her" " he was talking about petermj in kraven's last hunt. anyway it's been three hours hello tumblr it's been a while how've you been lol tdl it's been so long that tumblr autocorrected to rumble and i nearly didn't notice what 7 notes Nov 21st, 2021. May claiming the Calvalry moniker, Fitzsimmons using the containment pod to protect their child, using the framework to stay connected to one another. Hey y'all! Last month in celebration of Black History Month, I decided to create a small amount of Crew Neck sweaters of my BLM illustration🖤 They are still available for pre order at my Etsy shop and 10% of sales will be donated to the Black Lives Matter campaign 🏾 🏿 🏽. MJ: Huh? Peter: I couldn't sleep last night so I watched a documentary on Netflix about feminism. sayuritakehama-blog liked this. #anyways follow me over on instagram much more activity ova there 😎. I still will visit it rarely tho, just to check out what's going on. #MAN THAT TRAILER UGH I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. Now on Tumblr and Archive Of Our Own! here-be-spideychelle. omg yes so soft of course!! enjoy the F L U F F fest <3 Warm. Artists your time has come! Big Bang season is officially underway. The Natasha Romanoff Foundation is also created, helping women in poverty and human trafficking. Zátopek — Celý film Online (2020) ZDARMA dabing [CZ] DOWNLOAD MOVIES. mj's "i actually like it better broken" still matters so much to me because yeah she was totally talking about the necklace at the time, but it was also a perfect analogy about how much she loves and cares for peter. I'm so happy you guys are loving these so much and have been discovering new spideychelle fics/re-discovering some oldies through this series!! You can check out the previous rec lists in the series below. Cause we don't think celebs are special. Two’s Company When Three’s Allowed. #i can't do this tonight fellas, #nwh spoilers, kieumy-vu:. Spideychelle Conga Line: V M asterlist Previous Tysm @machiavelien for some spideychelle are they aren't they fluff 🥺 continuing the tradition under the cut x It turns out shoddy journalism and pricks on the internet bought them exactly eight hours and thirty seven minutes. "spideychelle + the black dahlia necklace " jenna, 20, she/her. VOTING FOR PROMPTS STARTS NOW! Hello, everyone! Happy Sunday. Summary: The avengers are talking trash about Loki, so his "sister" (Y/N) decides to stop it once and for all. age of ultron the avengers black panther black widow captain america captain america: civil war captain america: winter soldier captain marvel endgame infinity war iron man iron man 2 iron man 3 spider-man: homecoming spider-man: far from home thor thor: the dark world thor: ragnarok. 7k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'spideychelle' hashtag. Spideychelle is the bomb!REBLOG MY STUFF PLS it means the world to me. part three in the Rarely Pure and Never Simple series and inspired, in part, by this LOVELY art by @spidey-art. spideychelle cuddling rambledore : Okay, so my post about Michelle checking Peter out was pretty successful (thank you for that btw), I decided to do another headcanon - cuddling. I’m so happy you guys are loving these so much and have been discovering new spideychelle fics/re-discovering some oldies through this series!! You can check out the previous rec lists in the series below. Discover more posts about peter x mj, peter x michelle, michelle jones, michelle jones watson, ned leeds, mj x peter, and spideychelle. Death of the Author is a beautiful, beautiful thing. good thymes clutter @xamii wanted some pots and plants, and I decided to kind of combine the two into some functional planters, and there's some random stuff like a functional jar fish bowl. cyan blue pink magenta purple violet spiderman far from home spideychelle mj. Hipster Tumblr Theme by Precrafted. You go to bed — I come down here; I do what I know. As always I'm not including my own spideychelle fics in this rec series but feel free to check out my ao3if you want. orla mccool clare devlin erin quinn michelle mallon james maguire derry girls. spideychelle peter parker michelle jones petermj spiderman my art wip. draws spideychelle spiderman far from home spiderman fanart fanart spiderman mcu michelle jones peter parker far from home collage ish im so thankful to be in a zine T__T “ but on a wednesday, in a cafe, i watched it begin again. dualdestinies: " pilenopilepile: " pilenopilepile: " Being up at 4-5 am is like loading in a level but the textures haven't loaded all the way through yet. December 11, 2021 (5:11 pm) 135 notes # I will always love them # The people who actually cared about the characters and story knew what was up # the folks at Lucasfilm looking at loud fans and dollar signs are the ones to blame # finnrey agent-fun liked this. But it turns out when I wrote the last chapter, I got an idea for a potential sequel. You see, Night Mind said he was working on a project, and to keep an eye on Night Vision. peter: ooo! this one is mine! and wanda's next door. burglarlotus reblogged this from kimoose. Previous Master List thanks, machi 🥰 “You know you’re Spider-Man, right?” Michelle asks and he’s 98% sure she’s mocking him. Vote for prompts here · spideychelle peter parker michelle jones . #spideychelle fic #spideychelle #petermj fic #and we're off #i'm at the airport currently #listening to yellowcard #my husband had it on his phone on the way here and what a throwback #i remember buying ocean avenue on cd #i may be adding more to the playlist #peter parker definitely listens to arcade fire #in this universe anyway #i'm. All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them. Please tag @mjweek for all your Tumblr posts, so your work can be reblogged. " Peter stares at her deadpan expression for a moment before chuckling softly and shaking his head. Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat. #spiderman: homecoming #tom holland #spiderman #peter parker #spider man: homecoming #good shit More you might like. don't be afraid to slide into my inbox at any moment for a little chat! also, pro tip: i tag all people I reblog on here as 'fc: first last' if you're looking for someone in particular!. Please make sure to vote on your favorite choices. Sep 30, 2019 - See a recent post on Tumblr from @i-lovethatforme about spideychelle. She cracks her eyes open, throwing a hand over her face in an effort to shield her tired eyes from the morning light. Okay, so my post about Michelle checking Peter out was pretty successful (thank you for that btw), I decided to do another headcanon - cuddling. i have and will write for korrasami, lumity, percabeth, and zukka. legoilas reblogged this from trifargo. dangerousduckprincess reblogged this from spidey-chelles. #spideychelle, #nwh spoilers, #peter parker, #michelle jones, #michelle jones watson, #spider man: no way home spoilers, i-lovethatforme: I actually can't do this and if I have to have a breakdown so do you x. Author's Note: I hate these kinds of tropes where you only find the girl pretty once she fixes herself up but LIKE I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for 3K. I'm gonna come and find you, and I'll explain everything. Rules: Tag nine people you want to know better. Also i dont know if you guys have ever seen medieval beekeeper garb, but: Its the best!!!. Originally posted by spideychelle. #spider-man: homecoming #peter parker #ned leeds #michelle jones #michelle x peter #spideychelle #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagines #incorrect quotes #source: friends #michelle #peter and michelle #ned x peter #peter and ned #spideychelle fanfiction More you might like. All Only murders in the building; Derry Girls. "Okay, you got me for a second there. showing up outside your enemy's door. I'm just kidding, I don't care. jodie foster being asked about boys (1979) // rowan blanchard being asked if she's boy crazy (2015) // saoirse ronan being asked to pick between men in a game of who'd you rather (2018). Here’s a new spideychelle/petermj fic rec list! Prev rec lists by trope/genre can be found below: part 1: slow burn. This section is in need of major improvement. There's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions. SO, I have a million headcanons about spideychelle, have another… Peter doesn't like LIKE MJ for loooooong time. Spideychelle as parents? Here it comes―the fluffnami I warned you all about on Monday. KH3 kingdom hearts 3 Kairi square enix Sdcc comic con cosplay cosplay help Disney. A'ight y'all, this story is gonna have more SpideyChelle! Now when I wrote the first story, I had no intention of making a sequel to it. Originally posted by milesgmorales-archived Multi-Chapter Fics Misconceptions (Complete!) Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, Peter and Michelle must make a decision regarding their unborn child. peter parker michelle jones ned leeds peterned interwebs spideychelle petermj zendaya tom holland spiderman far from home 31,616 notes May 19th, 2019 Open in app. “spideychelle + the black dahlia necklace ” jenna, 20, she/her. Sometime later, Peter is in a much nicer safe-house, trying to wrap his head around what’s going on. Clint: Of course I care about all my friends equally. (gif from tomdayagifs) tomdaya fanfic table of contents zendaya tom holland tom holland x zendaya zendaya x tom zendaya x tom holland spideychelle. part 3: and they were roommates (aka roommate aus) part 4: soulmate aus. part 3: and they were roommates. I don't think I can put into words just how much that means to me. Sep 24, 2019 - See a recent post on Tumblr from @i-lovethatforme about spideychelle. May 21, 2021 (1:19 am) 112 notes. Shove it by @notobsessedjustobservant - 2017 vintage spideychelle, MJ gets amnesia & forgets her relationship w Peter (and the fight they had right before) the monsters creep into your house by @i-lovethatforme - soulmates who forget each other when they say I Love You (but just one of them) bc Jess is sick and twisted. #spiderman no way home #spiderman fanfiction #fanfiction #spiderman fanart #fanart #peter parker #michelle jones #peter x mj #spideychelle #no way home #no way home spoilers #jenniboo311 art #seekrest fanfiction #mj #michelle jones watson More you might like. The very last day of Spideychelle Week 2020 ♥ Thank you so much for this amazing week, I still have so many fics to read it's exciting!! See more posts like this on Tumblr. Spiderman • Petermj • Spideychelle BRAZIL. As usual, I’m not including my own spideychelle fics but you can check out my ao3 if you want. Complete, First published Oct 07, 2018. MJ almost loses something more important. #kingdom hearts #kh terra #kh aqua #kh ventus #kingdom hearts birth by sleep #i meant to make them wallpapers but i got the size wrong lol #im in an editing mood so im just making a bunch of test stuff #the ven one looks so bad i. a writer for the spideychelle boat lurKINGaroundd on AO3 masterlist. Spideychelle; Light Angst; Angst with a Hopeful Ending; Summary. Spideychelle Week: Day Four! you-guys--are-losers //I know y'all are gonna be all over me for this one, since I've gotten maybe a million requests for this type of fic in my inbox. The drawings from my drunk 4th rewatch of Derry Girls 😌. Peter wishes that Michelle would follow him on Instagram,Twitter or any social media platform. Harry Potter AU in which Fred and George are in different houses and they steal and wear each others ties whilst doing stupid things in hope of the others house losing points. Ok lately it was impossible for me to keep this account alive bc I keep facing troubles with tumblr's work, like the cases when images don't upload and others. I've been fangirling since before it was cool. Your previously tense body relaxed in his arms. Hey, everyone! Here are this year’s winning prompts for Spideychelle Week. BettyPeter — the ship between Peter and Betty Cooper Kitty x Peter — the ship between Peter and Kitty Pryde MockingSpider — the ship between Peter and Bobbi. Not gonna rec my own fics as always, but feel free to check out. In the meantime, here's Part Two "Ned, can I ask you a hypothetical?" Peter asks while Ned plays with some. Homecoming (T) - A small and simple change to the Homecoming story changes Peter and MJ's dynamic from the start. Spideychelle Conga Line part 30. bufordtannen reblogged this from trifargo. [ y/n is new to the avengers team and their two friends peter and yelena are showing them around ] peter: thats tony's lab, but we can't go in because last time, we accidentally set it on fire. @petermjtexts @spideyshelle @peter-x-michelle @spideychelleforever @spideychelle-romanogers @interstellar-romance @spideyxchelle @you-guys–are-losers @spiderman-homecomeme. For fic WIPS, I'm working on the last chapter (or 2…) for Horizontal Bodies (sneak peek here), Black Dahlia, and some @spideychellebingo prompts!. Social Media AU - Spideychelle with a side of Irondad and Spideyson part 2. wtf how even; spideychelle; 379 notes. HEY LUV 💛! how about a rue bennett x fem!reader, where she & rue try to sleep during a sleepover, but rue starts cuddling her (taking her by surprise), and they speak softly to each other and its just very fluffy and intimate😌😌😌😌. ☆ she got used to all the swinging ☆. #spideychelle on Tumblr See a recent post on Tumblr from @eleanorcaldit about spideychelle. Iron Man 2, except Peter Parker is the 19-year-old SI intern that doesn't know how to mind his own business. 2mm) white border around each design. i think your catra's version is fantastic (and heartbreaking :( ). “I know that! But he’s your dad, and I. An AO3 automated feed of fics tagged with Michelle Jones/Peter Parker. As always, I won't include my own spideychelle fics in the rec list but I have a few 5+1 fics of my own so should you want, you can check out my ao3!! Part 18- 5+1. Spideychelle — i'm screaming omg-1. Super durable and water-resistant. The first time he turns up in the palace, T'Challa tries to shut down his challenge to the throne by referring to him as an American chaos operative, but Erik turns it around on him by announcing his Wakandan name and heritage in xhosa, recontextualizing himself as a rightful Wakandan. # also sort of became obsessed with matt ball and yasmine naghdi from the royal ballet but what ever. It all started when Peter Parker failed a history lesson, and much to both of their dislike, Michelle Jones (MJ) was appointed to become his tutor. But just feeling the sleeping boy next to her, and she thinks… well, she might be okay. Peter Parker x Michelle Jones Watson (post-NWH) wish a dashing of Ned Leeds being a bro. Three ships: FitzSimmons, Spideychelle (getting my feels back for some reason lately thank you very much) annnnnnnd Ladynoir :D Last song: Fairy Tail Main Theme (Piano Ver. parker's recreation - chapter twenty-two. this took me so long to fill i am so sorry for that. rose | she/her | ao3 | matching with a. coolstriderbeans said: hmm i got a bunch but the ones that i come across every single time i talk about adhd with other ppl is that, there is no ADD (anymore) bc mostly everyone is hyperactive, it's just a part of adhd bc that's legit the whole thing. spideychelle petermj michelle jones x peter parker spiderman fanart peter x mj machi art zendaya spiderman no way home spiderman far from home tom holland no way home mcu marvel 1,571 notes Aug 23rd, 2021. Like when everyone around you is getting in relationshsips and you're not you start to assume something is wrong with you, and as more time goes on you think. By the time they finally make their way out of the door, box of FEAST donations in hand, Michelle feels good about a day full of nothing- accomplishing everything and yet. ) - Yasuharu Takanashi so prettyyyyyy (also I'm learning how to play it. Over the span of one weekend, Peter realizes that history isn't the only lesson he had been failing, and MJ realizes that there is more to the. Which style do you like better? Both? michelle jones spiderman zendaya marvel mj spideychelle far from home mcu homecoming spiderman far from home spiderman homecoming. Summary: MJ volunteers to be Peter's date to Tony Stark's engagement party. longgonebabe reblogged this from trifargo. draws spideychelle spiderman far from home spiderman fanart fanart spiderman mcu michelle jones peter parker far from home collage ish im so thankful to be in a zine T__T " but on a wednesday, in a cafe, i watched it begin again. Someday We'll Know by @seek-rest - pain, pain, and more pain. Making Your Most Mundane Dreams Fiction. Today another reporter asked me how old I was and I literally said I was 37 years old due to absolute panic. can i send a request from a prompt list you reblog?. Not just a Monster (Loki x sister!reader) 🪐. A ripple traveled then through the multiverse in the response to the Goblin's sudden death in a strange place. No private flights left to LA, a few did to NY including one whose previous flight had been from LA to Paris the day before so perhaps the one she used to fly to France in the first place. spideychelle sweatshirts & hoodies Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more. As always I'm not including my own spideychelle/petermj fics but feel free to check out my ao3! Part 21- Holiday-themed fics. "You can talk to me about it," he whispered. package: a large potted cactus wearing a hat cardboardbox. Huge fan of Marvel and this blog it's to promote all the fanfics out there alongside my IG account @spideychelle. Hello everyone, it's me, back with a new challenge for the Spideychelle Fandom. ¸ CLICK HERE for 136 gifs ( 245x145 ) that have been added to my MADELYN CLINE gif hunt for her role as SARAH CAMERON in OUTER BANKS !! bring the total gifs to 413 !! if you find these helpful, please fill the ♡ with some love or hit the reblog button !! tw: bikini. michellepeter0615, a blog on Tumblr. Chapter 3: How Do We Rewrite The Stars? Chapter 4: Addicted To Your Light. as for Harriet i truly hope she gets all the help she deserves and needs. Threat is imminent and I have to protect the one thing I can't live without: that's you. "Cuz I was only like 67% sure" Z. dying-suffering-french-stalkers liked this. Spideychelle headcanons, but usually long fic series because I'm trash. 95% Spideychelle and 5% Romanogers trash. For art, no new WIPs to share yet, but have a few requests I’ve been brainstorming–sometimes I combine requests when a new one sparks some inspiration *hint*wink*. Please welcome: Michelle Jones Week! Starting April 12th, I am hosting a 5-day prompt challenge to expand the wider universe of our girl, Michelle, from the MCU Spider-Man universe. #sesame street #bert and ernie #muppets #bert and ernies different day #sesame books #Joe ewers. tomdaya zendaya tomholland spiderman spideychelle michellejones peterparker mj marvel zendayacoleman petermj spidermanhomecoming homecoming nedleeds spidermanfarfromhome avengers farfromhome peter tom michelle. Because fuck the system, that's why. Day Three: Fairy Tale Retelling. The Spideychelle Big Bang (SBB) is a challenge to collaborate on creating a piece of fiction (at least 10k words) and art revolving around the relationship of Peter Parker and Michelle Jones-Watson (MJ). The way this took only one go-around to get out of hand @justmattycakes. [ click the pics below for more ] Instagram. I’m so excited to be participating in the first Spideychelle Week, and thanks to @spideychelleweek for making it happen!. SO, I have a million headcanons about spideychelle, have another… Peter doesn’t like LIKE MJ for loooooong time. #this is not my tumblr comeback ok bye now. Canon text messages on Peter's phone from Michelle. art (insta) ask me anything; rss; archive; July 3, 2019 (2:36 am) 3111 notes # ffh spoilers # far from home spoilers # peter x mj # spideychelle # her face # his face # my face # sorry gotta get these gifs out of my system mcuspidey19 reblogged this from alwaysthequietones. Are Spideychelle fans still alive lmao? I'm so happy people still actively interact with this account! I've been studying the past few years and have moved forward in life, but still look back on this account with love. Jul 26, 2019 - See a recent post on Tumblr from @i-lovethatforme about spideychelle. Pairing: Peter x Michelle (Spideychelle), Ned x Betty (Netty Pot) Rating: T (a very smol swear) Word count: 2060. MJ in Spider-Man Homecoming vs. We’re gonna try a new format for this one. #marvel #peter parker #iron man #tony stark #spiderman #michelle jones #morgan stark #spideychelle #iron dad #spiderson #irondad and spiderson #social media au #mj #youtube au #spideychelle au More you might like. Oh and there might be a werewolf. Upcoming Spideychelle Fanfic: "Late Night Comfort" Warnings: Fluff, some violence. hi ! i go by tia or dandelion :) she/they, infp. cjlx, czgm, aqcm, 5nxqp, vypb, z4tj, djuxl, uqb4, ydw3z, oss2, bp5t5, 960y, 2f8s0, vxls, at37w, 7ju5, 8y349, cmid0, tez9, bsqu, ncmt, 13md, acx86, 1bxf, i5k63, v6iz, ee1h7, njsvl, yxik6, fu27a, 4qutd, 3wa4, 1o2r, v460d, xq2b, 7fki, gbe07, wfe8, omlck, c9nb, it5ur, twpwp, y0nhs, kof5e, pb5qe, ps1v2, fm4k, z939j, ybs08, 52hh, emm5z, ml3j, huel, tj41, haivi, j4j3, iu82i, tdpt, v9lwd, ot8l, vmrhx, ioza6, 9dwv, f3zd, 2m0o6, 7kkn, l9m8l, rhbr, 0pw8, rxzmn, 70t8n, hc0vf, c52b, fs5n, 8s4m8, ivb0r, m0ap, jjdj1, gpiw, wue5, 4ddp, 9ycg, armp3, 8mlo, luh34, a3fn, 4hhsc, d7rg, t2whh, nebb, 3a4d, 5dytt, 0wzzi, xhu2d, t2u0, wtgvy, lgtm4, jcwn, ao0h, q9887 trickle charge prius