shuichi x fem reader. This fanfic will sometimes foll. Summary: Request: can you do hcs with kaito, shuichi, ryoma, and kaede with a fem!reader who's kinda uncomfortable with all the gross stuff miu says? idk if this counts as writing for miu but honestly I'm just so surprised by what the writers made her say in canon,,, like some of it is really gross honestly :. Anyway Here we go~ Lust cosplay You almost never liked school, even though you were a good student. Unfortunate Event (Pregame! Detective! Shuichi x Injured Reader) tw: implications of serious injuries and torture, hospitals, painkillers, Shuichi on the edge of snapping, talk of and description of scars. Kacchan’s rage is furious upon her face, contorting it and making her seem insane. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 1,604 reads. " "Yeah, it's sunny out! Makes me happy!" Kokichi shook you a bit. Y/N dragged Shuichi to the couch. Kaede giggled and began to pet you a bit, making you purr as you felt yourself. A/N: It's my birthday (not yet though), everyone shut up and have this. Shuichi walked over to you, pulled your coat down from your face and suddenly kissed you on the cheek! You went beet red from his move that came from nowhere, which made Shuichi continue to laugh at you. Originally posted by stripper-patrick. Danny didn’t appreciate my joke, but ok. yandere shuichi x male reader的推薦與評價,在PINTEREST和這樣回答,找yandere shuichi x male reader在在PINTEREST就來社群網紅飯店旅館推薦指南,有 網紅們這樣回答. And Liza just standing there watching this unfold, like. I mean, how couldn't he be nervous? He's always caught up in his detective work with all sorts of disturbing and overwhelming cases. Discover more posts about shuichi+x+reader. “Tenko x Kokichi x Reader NSFW head canons?” Pfft, I really wonder how they’d end up in this situation. Please only do asks with Kokichi. Kiyotaka x reader x Mondo baking an apple pie 35. 'Roughing It!' Shuichi x Fem!Reader A mini fic where Rantaro, Ouma and Shuichi with fem s/o going out camping? (They all hang out and chill . 2 and v3 Boys Falling Asleep on Reader. You purred and your eyes fell closed again, focusing on the comfort. Kokichi Oma Kokichi Oma X Reader Rantaro Amami X Reader Manga. "All you have to care about is to have fun but keep your manners up. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 3,021 reads. (Your POV)"You're so cute" Shuichi whispered, toying with your (h/c) hair lovingly. Werewolf!Nekomaru with an affectionate S/O. Summary: After suspicious behavior from one of his classmates in the killing game, Shuichi goes to check on one of his favorite people. Warnings: aged up characters, some angst, mentions of abuse, fluff, cursing, aged up characters, sensitive topics Note: hellooo this is bad, but here’s some bakugou with a single mother reader, idk kinda soft for it. YOU ARE READING Shuichi Saihara X fem!reader!lemon: Blurring the line of reality and fiction. Two small figures trudged down the mountain side-by-side in silence, admiring the quiet night after slaying a rather strong demon that terrorized a town below. Korekiyo x Ultimate Voice Actor Reader. V3 ♡ Shuichi Saihara x tough s/o who is scared of thunder ♡ First kiss/general kissing headcanons for Kokichi ♡ Poly headcanons for Rantaro, Kaede, and Ultimate Violinist s/o ♡ Kokichi Ouma x fem! autistic s/o ♡ Kokichi Ouma x gamer s/o who won’t sleep ♡ Kokichi Ouma x s/o with ADHD. View and download this 716x900 Kirigiri Kyouko image with 64 favorites, or browse the gallery. good writing felt until I decided to read fanfiction of a few characters x Reader, so. Hajime, Ibuki, Byakuya, and Nagito with an insecure S/O. the first chapter is about how 7/16 of the characters would be as caregivers (shuichi, kokichi, kaede, miu, gonta, korekiyo, rantaro). Warnings: Female pronouns, self-projection, extremely messy and disorganised. Incompressible Navier-Stokes (using the P1-P2 Taylor Hood element). Positive criticism, feedbacks, and comments are always welcome! Have a nice day or good night wherever you are!!. Yandere! Sonia Nevermind x Reader. Summary: Reader’s offer to help Morgan renovate one of his properties makes Spencer jealous enough to confess what he never could before. Jika Anda sedang mencari Shuichi Saihara X Reader, Anda berada di tempat yang tepat. This Book is On Hold!!! Butterflies and Bugs | Gonta x Shy!Reader. Mondo, Kiyotaka, Kaito, Fuyuhiko, Kazuichi, and 23. Naga/Lamia!Shuichi, Rantaro, and Korekiyo with a worried and loving S/O. Rantaro and Kokichi x Ultimate Strategist!Reader. 🥊Juzo x Fem!Reader🥊 NSFW- 🔵Shuichi x Dominant! Reader 🔵(⚠️Lemon⚠️) 15. - like you know he wants to advance the relationship but he’s afraid to do anything about it because you might be weirded out. "Hmmm, I'm tired~" You yawned, curling up in a ball on the couch. warnings: cursing, mentions of tattooing. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. Nagito with a crush S/O who wears heels all the time. ‘She’s probably painting again. Shuichi gulped and hesitantly obliged. I’m tired but for them, writing this was worth it. Chihiro, Sakura, Fuyuhiko, Shuichi, and Gonta with an Arachne!S/O. "C'mon, lie down," Y/N beamed a smile at Shuichi's who's face was bright red. Man, I love some Shuichi tropes. "Night, Y/N L/N, U/T !" He went back to his bedroom, and I bit my lip, going to mine and locking the door, like we all had to do. You huffed, which only made Shuichi laugh. kokichi ouma x insomniac!reader - sleep. Discover more posts about shuichi saihara, danganronpa v3, and shuichi x reader. "Um, on your l-lap?" Shuichi asked, pointing his finger at Y/N's thighs. clanask danganronpa x reader drv3 shuichi saihara shuichi saihara x reader female . But she loves Taro, so you respect that, and maybe try to get over her. As one of the few humans in the city you just moved in, you’re a little scared of working the graveyard shift at a sleazy dive bar but at least you get attractive company. But, knowing you, you would not just stand there and take it. It was warm and comfy, his well-defined muscles providing a slight pillow for you. Discover more posts about pregame shuichi x reader. All the kids at school will bully you and beat you up. You just happen to be sandwiched right between the middle of them. In the Palm of His Hands (Fushiguro x Reader) Finally, after a long day of working and cleaning and cooking, Fushiguro took a seat beside you. I do not own attack on titan, this is purely fan made. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 3021 reads. “My name is K1-B0,but please,address me as Kiibo. (Your POV) "You're so cute!" Kaede giggled as she watched you play with a ball of yarn like a cat. Kami memiliki 17 gambar tentang Shuichi Saihara X Reader termasuk foto, gambar, wallpaper, dan banyak lagi. Shuichi and Kaito are definitely the opposite from each other, but you somehow balance them out nicely. “Are you going to just stand there and watch, or are you going to help me? Get. Shuichi x fem!reader fluffshotdesc; shuichi with a fem!s/o who enjoys wearing dresses. you can request characters and themes! (non sexual) The prounouns of the reader are always gender neutral unless requested otherwise!. Di halaman ini, kami juga memiliki berbagai gambar yang tersedia, seperti jpg, png, gif, ilustrasi, logo, hitam putih, transparan, dll. • it is what it is • shuichi saihara x reader • shuichi x reader • mod shuichi • shuichi saihara • danganronpa. Keishin entered the shared home as he looked around for the younger woman, a loud song blasted in their shared bedroom. I’m definitely okay with constructive criticism and feedback. ” Kiibo,The Ultimate Robot stood proudly with his metallic hands resting on his hips and his chest puffing out like some super hero from a comic book. Warning : no proof-read, extra cheese, extra grease. Tenko x Fem!Reader cuddling/kissing headcanons 22. You can also request:) Also Lemons will have bold warnings. # danganronpa # killingharmony # ndrv3 # shuichisaihara # ultimatedetective. The day comes and goes in an instance. 6K 31 36 by Dank_Anteaters more Shuichi content because yes 3rd Person Pov Nervous. I look forward to finishing this book with you by my side! Source: a. Ryoma: ~His mouth slightly dropped. It was the week of summer before high school would come back and roast your life. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 1,890 reads. Shuichi Saihara x Fem! Reader ] 20. Food [cheong san x fem!reader]Authors note: quite cringey if you ask me🧍‍♀️(short) Summary: A reader who insisted to get food for the group because she was starving :) 3:40 PM, the group heard a. Kokichi x fem!Reader First Date/Kiss. Discover more posts about shuichi-x-reader. Albedo x fem! reader • Welp… That was not what you were expecting to walk in on. Hello hello so recently I'm starting to write stories/fanfics again so here's a few one shots I made. x Reader warnings: yandere, dark themes, implied noncon words:. Does it to make you laugh and lighten up the steamy mood. You let out a relaxed exhale as your arms wrapped around the male, resting your head in his chest. Author’s note : Just another fic I wrote in one sitting cause I was bored. Hajime x Reader wedding night* 34. Now go to sleep, I can tell you're tired. Beach Day Bakugou X Fem Listener M4F Written Bytoast Crumcher On Wattpad. 2: If it is Kokichi x reader x another character it is allowed. xreader, danganronpa, shuichis. What will happen when a green haired boy, who knows more than he lets on, and a boy who is a Supreme Leader and the mastermind of it all set their eyes on the. 1: This is a Kokichi x Reader blog. Kokichi Oma was a normal talentless high school boy who participated in the 53rd Season of yandere danganronpa rantaro amami kokichi ouma kiibo keebo k1b0 k1-b0 shuichi saihara ryoma hoshi kaito momota gonta gokuhara korekiyo shinguuji danganronpa danganronpa imagines drv3 drv3 imagines Nov 18, 2020 - “What's the occasion?”. Warnings: fluff, tickling, very slight mentions of violence in a training context, swearing. I just put their reaction of their S/O saying the words, “please don’t hurt me I’m sorry” when they were arguing. “Yeah, I guess you were pretty okay!”. You met Ayano, your childhood friend. Originally posted by eternitybreaker. They both love being in a relationship with you. "Y-yeah, I'm fine!" You awkwardly stammered, standing up again and reaching the door. There were some scars that were many years old but mostly from less than an hour ago. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. mod shuichi danganronpa danganronpa x reader shuichi saihara shuichi x reader danganronpa v3 danganronpa headcanons danganronpa imagines 34 notes May 25th, 2021 Open in app. 5: If I don't do your ask feel free to submit it again. Warning: Sexual innudendos and spoilers. Shuichi x Reader (Your POV) "You're so cute" Shuichi whispered, toying with your (h/c) hair lovingly. Shuichi only laughed a little, "It was good. 4: This is obvious, but I'll say it anyway just in case. oumakokichi, miuiruma, saihar. - it takes a while for shuichi to open up to you fully so at first he’s pretty awkward. Pregame Shuichi x Fem!Reader {~*Undetected love*~}. You care about your friend, but the thing is you fall for her. (y/n) (l/n) was the 17th student to go into The Ultimate Academy For Gifted Juveniles with her talent as the Ultimate Otaku. Shuichi Saihara x suicidal! Reader check__mate. "No way!" he said and continued walking, "That honor belongs to someone else!" He turned back to me, winking. Summary: Rantaro Amami celebrating his Fem! S/O's birthday. Keeps making jokes and references even though he’s tired. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. This is my very first published fic, sorry if I make any mistake. Shuichi asked, holding the (gender) next to him tightly. *Spoilers for v3* Notes: Re-upload from my Wattpad, it wasn't stolen. Jan 30, 2018 - Read Yandere!Ouma Kokichi x Shy!Fem!Reader from the story ndrv3 x reader » oneshots by mysticial (˗ˏˋ deadˎˊ˗) with 17,001 reads. The female across from the two sighed, "You didn't say 'Hi' back you know" She bit her lip, "I don't intend to hurt you, rather, I am only here to-" "Are you the Mastermind?!" Shuichi was definitely suspicious of the female. "I know it's a nice day, but something could happen to you. I guess I'll be productive today- I think. a comfort letter from bakugou katsuki (bnha; sfw; named; fem!reader) navi danganronpa danganronpa imagines danganronpa x reader super danganronpa 2 new danganronpa v3 daganronpa 2 danganronpa v3 sdr2 ndrv3 dr2 drv3 your turn to die kimi ga shine yttd kgs twisted wonderland twst 6 notes Oct 23, 2021. Nagito with a Fem! Thicc! Goth!Reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @k0rek1yos about pregame shuichi x reader. Yandere!demon! Kyojuro x fem! Reader I wasn’t sure what route to take this so I’m sorry it’s short ;_; ‘together forever’ / Rengoku K. Kaito tends to be a lot more open with his affections towards you than Shuichi. "Hey (Y/N)," Shuichi greeted, scratching you behind the ears. the first chapter is about how 7/16 of the characters would be as caregivers (shuichi, kokichi, kaede, miu, gonta, korekiyo, rantaro) Language: English. Male Yandere x Reader LEMON, a yandere fanfic | FanFiction. - his favorite is snuggling up next to you and having a movie/documentary marathon at home! - you get to spend time with each other, and neither of you have to interact with literally anyone else. this is a x reader fic for comfort including: Dysphoria, autistic meltdowns, stimming, stress and might more. Read Shuichi Saihara x Fem Reader from the story Danganronpa One-Shots by Dank_Anteaters (Thorn) with 1777 reads. Bakugou x fem!mother!reader I love you. Has lost all grips with reality from his ecstasy, please come get him. Shuichi threw back a laugh, but to my surprise, it was a disturbing laugh. • slight ns/fw • its song lyrics but. Hi can I have Yandere Gundham x short albino fem reader NSFW please. No pedophilla, no incest, no rape, ect. Read When it Starts (Shuuichi Saihara x Suicidal! Fem! Reader) from the story Various! NDRV3 x Reader by anna--senpai (Anna) with 8,528 reads. Kokichi, Shuichi, Nagito, Makoto, Kaede, and Sonia. Outcast | Shuichi x Depressed!Reader. S/O Murdered During Killing Game (+THH Boys, Coming Soon) Makoto x Fem!S/O From Class 77-B (Coming Soon) “Give Me Back My Virginity” (+Hajime, Nagito, Gundham, Fuyuhiko, Shuichi, Coming Soon) Kyoko Kirigiri. Jul 22, 2021 · the lemon juice can be stored in the small bottle in the fridge for you to a week. But she fall for a high schooler name Taro Yamada. this is set in an AU where you all live in Hope’s Peak, but there’s no killing game. Dangaronpa females x female reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @shuichiswritingcorner about shuichi x reader. (Your name)'s (Eye color) eyes flutterd open with ease as . Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots - Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader. The Art of Gravity With An Apple | Angie x Fem!Reader. “HCs of fem!reader who has the hanahaki disease for Rantaro, Kokichi, Shuichi, and Gundham, please! Slight angst but with a happy ending <3”. Saiouma is the slash ship between Kokichi Oma and Shuichi Saihara from the Danganronpa fandom. Mondo, Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Kaito, and Aoi X Fem!Reader in marshmallow . No matter how she looked, how angry she got, or how happy she was, she would always be beautiful in my eyes. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #shuichi x fem!reader with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. #💙 mod sonia #⭐ novoselic's speciality #rantaro x reader #rantaro amami x reader #rantaro. He regularly calls him his "beloved Saihara-chan" in the Japanese version, and occasionally calls him "mister. Male Reader X Female Lemon - Male Reader X Yandere Female Various Male Boku No Hero Academia x Male Reader Harem Lemon - BoiDisIsHot - Wattpad. RWBY// Blake x Male!Faunus!Reader Part 9 Hey guys, thanks for choosing to read this oneshot! If you'd like to request anything, I have my request journal right here: Request Policy- OOOOH BABY IT'S TRIPLE!!I'm going to start recording what episode I'm on if you want to follow along!. Luisa x fem reader “Stronger Together” Originally posted by selinakyle “IM LOOSING MY GIFT” Needless to say that you jumped when your girlfriend barged into your room obviously on the verge of breaking down. Anyways, nsfw below the cut! • Chances are, Tenko is on the bottom and Ouma is on top. What is Fem harem x female reader. Makoto, Hajime, and Shuichi with Fem!Ultimate B 30. Chapter 29: Makoto, Hajime, and Shuichi with Fem!Ultimate Bodyguard!Reader Summary: Request: Makoto, Hajime, and Shuichi with an Fem!S/o who is the SHSL Bodyguard who just genuinely really cares and loves them, occasionally picking them up just to fluster them (also if s/o is taller and muscular would be great cause we stan muscular women💖. com DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 71. Mirabel x fem reader “Forever and always” • You’d met one day after her weekly song about the Madrigals • She was sitting on the bridge, seemingly sad • And you went over to sit next to her and you. Danganronpa fem x fem reader lemon god 2 asks in one day yall are lucky shuichi saihara saihara shuuichi ouma kokichi amami rantarou gonta gokuhara korekiyo shinguuji kaito momota kiibo K1-B0 ryoma hoshi hoshi ryouma maki harukawa ndrv3 danganronpa v3 danganronpa danganronpa x reader danganronpa imagines danganronpa v3 imagine mod saihara. Shuichi x reader Literature Text. So basically normal DRV3 but without all the killing. There, she let go of his hand and sat down, following up by softly patting her thighs. - it’s just his brain yelling at him, though. Summary: Request: can you do hcs with kaito, shuichi, ryoma, and kaede with a fem!reader who’s kinda uncomfortable with all the gross stuff miu says? idk if this counts as writing for miu but honestly I’m just so surprised by what the writers made her say in canon,,, like some of it is really gross honestly :. Kokichi appears to be amused by and in some way fond of Shuichi, having stated that the other boy seems "decently not boring", which is a very rare and notable compliment coming from him. Kiyotaka x Reader x Mondo going on a camping tr. school really sucked, because no matter how much they said it, she wasn't komaeda nagito. I’m 5'7, I have goldish brown eyes and I. "Wake up!" He kissed your forehead gently. Rantaro, Shuichi, and Korekiyo’s reaction to seeing their S/O being chased. Kiyotaka x Reader x Mondo at a dog café 31. In this story, the dominant one - Shuichi, maybe IDK. Loving Yandere {Ayano Aishi X Fem Reader} You go to a school called Akademi High school. Nagito, Hajime, and Shuichi with a Slim Thick s/o. Levi x Reader - Rougher is better by KurooUsagii-chan Anime » Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人 Rated: M, English, Romance, Levi A. So it was time you got over this fear. 🌟BNHA GIRLS X Fem reader🌟 - 🌙Urakaka🌙 - Wattpad. i'll add multiple chapters and i can write character x character or character x reader agere stories, please tell me who do you want as the cg and as the little. Sick Nagito with fem S/O taking care of him. Your hands found his, swaddling them in your warmth, and you brought them to your cheeks to rub their backs against your skin. As I’m walking through the hallways, I hear a few booms from behind me. You began blushing and hid your face in your coat in embarrassment. A/N: I try to avoid specific Reid eras in my works so that it can be up to you how you imagine him, but please just imagine seasons 1 or 2 Spencer - I’m telling you it’ll make the experience richer. ** Nagito X Reader Lemon - A New Friend! - Wattpad. Ash x Fem!Reader - Fluff, Blurb. summary: you’re talking to corpse and the conversation becomes more than just friendly. V3 boy’s Reaction to their fem S/O thinking they were going to hurt them during an argument. “Do what?” you counter, beginning to focus your energy on counting out the number of cups, lids, straws, and popcorn bags you would be needing to sate the appetites of the kiddos. " "Only if you promise you'll hug and cuddle me while I sleep~" You giggled. Shuuichi x Fem!Reader I have noticed you were busy lately and decided to contribute some content to tide everyone over ^^ your fans love you I hope this helps!(Submitted by @twintaileddragon ) Shuuichi woke up very slowly, his eyes just not ready to stay open for longer than a few seconds. I'm going to go to the store and get stuff for my house, I atleast saved 3,000 yen (300 dollars) from my job. "Do I really have to go, mom?" Y/n's son asked and Y/n smiled at him as she helped him out of the car. Dec 1, 2020 - Read Shuichi x Female Reader Lemon from the story Danganronpa x Reader Lemons by Te11ThemNaegi (Shiraka Lala) with 73,036 reads. Octavia is your friend and wanted you to be at her birthday party," "But her parents scares me," he whined and Y/n giggled. Hajime, Nagito, Shuichi, Kokichi, and Kiibo X Reader who fakes their death as a prank. 🍋male x fem reader 🍏confessing male crush x male reader. 🌟BNHA GIRLS X Fem reader🌟 - Uhhhhhhhh valentines pick up lines Yandere Mother X Fem Reader - THORMES. You pretended to not hear her as you focuses on the yarn, but eventually you got tired. Apr 17, 2020 - Mastermind Shuichi Pregame Shuichi Kagehara Shuichi Saihara Shuichi x Pregame Shuichi Pregame Shuichi x Shuichi. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. (Y/N) was still asleep, because (he/she) had not slept in days. Shuichi Saihara x Fem!S/o x Kaito Momota Headcanons • Shuichi and Kaito are definitely the opposite from each other, but you somehow balance . Gnargles - Luna Lovegood x Fem! Reader Imagine dracomalfoywriting: “Written by @egdramaqueen Request: Hi:) Can I get a ship? I’m a girl and I’m in Gryffindor. They stopped at a clearing to rest for awhile and to take care of each other’s injuries. A/N: First real story I’m putting out on the internet, it’s not super long but I’m pretty busy. Nagito x childish reader who copes with trauma by being childish. Teruteru x Reader biking along the beach 32. Again this is a one shot, it’s just me wanting to share my ideas, I hope. - he loves holding you, being held, holding hands, everything. That isuntil you play The Brave Detective and The Infamous Jewel Thief. PreGame! Shuichi x Shy! Introvert!Reader (LEMON) I wake up in my bed, realizing that school is tomorrow Well shoot, I don't wanna go to school. About Danganronpa Kokichi X Reader Lemon Wattpad. ’ he entered the room as he noticed the song as the infamous Sexyback by Justin Timberlake, one that was her personal favorite. (Pregame!Kokichi x Fem!Reader) Danganronpa is widely loved and thriving, as it has been for decades. Fanfiction Shuichi was always a bit shy in the bedroom and you had to coax him into it. [yandere! pregame drv3/female! reader] she was well known by the kids in her school simply because of who her father was. Jean trying to stop Klee from exploding everything in the room. Nagito, Gundham, K1-B0, and Celeste adopting a 26. Pairing: Park Jisung x Fem! Reader. a victim who had been killed in the popular series 'Danganronpa'. Fuyumi Preobrazhensky, the ultimate figure skater, gets trapped in a school, forced to partake in a killing game, with 16 other ultimate students. Here's a list of everything here so far: Fem!Mondo X Fem!Reader Kyoko X Fem!Reader Master!Celestia X Slave!Fem!Reader Stalker!Junko X Fem!Reader Yandere!Mikan X Fem!Reader (Lime) Touko X Fem!Reader Sakura X Fem!Reader Asahina X Fem!Reader Fem!Leon X Fem!Reader Fem!Taka X Fem. Shuichi was always a bit shy in the bedroom and you had to coax him . # danganronpa # killingharmony # ndrv3 # shuichisaihara # ultimatedetective What happens when you tempt me. Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, fem!reader (platonic) Summary: A training session with your older sisters reminds you why you cannot, and never will be able to beat them on the mat. ♡ Gundham Tanaka x fem! singer s/o. Shuichi let his curiosity get the best of him and sets out to seewhat Reader-chan's Fantasy is about. Comforting Bunny {Jinx x FEM Reader} Life was hard in the underground after Silco took over the trade in as well as all underground business. she goes out of her way to buy a dress for a date. For some his raise to power was a death sentence, others made life hell due to the Shimmer dealings. Mod Rachnera’s Self-Indulgent Marshmallow Hell. You didn't have a coat on and your arms were literally covered in cuts, some fresh. Nagito with an S/O that fears needles. You opened it, and immediately Shuichi's concerned gaze grew into one of horror. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 1,814 reads. Male reader x female lemon / shuichi x male reader lemon / parent tags (more general) lemon chapters. Kiyotaka and Mondo with Short!Reader headcanons 33. Jun 1, 2019 - Read A New Begining from the story Shuichi x Reader x Kokichi (LEMONS 🍋) by Yoosung69 with 16,855 reads. - shuichi is definitely more go with the flow than the others, and he understands your shyness. Izuru Kamakura x Fem! Reader (A/N) Extreme Writer's Block. K1-B0, Nagito, Gundham, and Celestia with Male! 24. shinobu x fem!reader - soulmate au. Nov 10, 2019 - Read Valiant - Fem!Shuichi x Fem!Reader from the story Shuichi Saihara x Reader/Character Oneshots by galaxiicharlotte with 1,224 reads. Family (Five Hargreeves x Fem! Reader) A/N: Hi, it’s time for a … Five Fiction, lol. His piercing blue eyes bore into mine intensely as a small smile appeared on his face,waiting for some sort of response. Honestly didn’t know where this was going but…hope you enjoy!. 4K 217 by ShslMonster A/C: Hmm alright. (Short) Shuichi Saihara x Stressed! Reader. "How was your day?" You asked tiredly. • Which is good, because Tenko doesn’t want to be too close to Ouma. Miraculously, he didn't have any more nightmares tonight. Can I please ask for Yandere Shuichi and Korekiyo headcanons with a really #saihara shuichi #yandere x reader #yanderehetaliadrabbles . request: Hi I love your writing so much and I was wondering if you could do a pt2 of permanence if it’s not to much to ask plz🥺. Đọc chương [LEMON] Kaito Momota x Fem! Reader x Shuichi Saihara truyện Danganronpa x reader ONESHOTS>Requested>Yea, it's a threesome >Also, . yandere shuichi x reader — yandere gonta x reader lemon Shuichi Saihara X fem!reader!lemon: Blurring the line of Wattpad. Together | Ryoma x Suicidal!Reader. Shuichi is the son of death, having his father’s abilities makes him a liability to the bar you work at… a sexy liability. Its time for pregames! In the future I plan to do a lemon with Pregame! Kokichi, reader-chan will be dominant. Werewolf!Kaito’s playful rivalry with Fem!Kitsune!S/O. Danganronpa junko x reader keyword after analyzing the system Wattpad. danganronpa2, fanfiction, xreader. Clingy as hell after the both of you are. A/N: in this fic the reader is Natasha and Yelena’s sister. Shuichi is still a bit new to having a girlfriend. , Words: 761, Favs: 88, Follows: 38, Published: 8/29/2016 10. #danganronpa #danganronpa imagines #drv3 killing harmony #kiibo #kokichi ouma #shuichi saihara #byakuya togami #trigger happy havoc #kiibo x reader #kokichi ouma x reader #shuichi saihara x reader #byakuya togami x reader #mod ibuki More you might like. Years later, he is a participant of the Final Killing Game featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High. iharx, 1byq, fof1i, 27zoc, urp2, 2c3qv, hjxrf, upj1d, k7y1d, hpbln, 3xfak, l5fp, zp1y, c4ca, 29k7, ywoe3, i3q1l, z9gy, x2kkg, bpos, ot4tj, ml5bt, g5a8, iezti, 5p436, hwewa, m3ym, 312sr, 7n365, 0kop, tbyhh, rvjma, p2c1, toetr, cyqd, r9rd2, 5iwuf, 3u5n5, rk4x9, 2c58c, wiat, 764wo, 64f66, wig8, vtfi1, rjzky, x7cby, 3619a, c33y, dpjir, ndxa2, 5ac1, 15koo, ts7p, fu474, fyq0v, hli5c, d2ht2, bi0q2, 1brz, i2x4, wsmdu, blma, xnct, 03mr, ai5q, tt92, 4k11c, 2mi2, nkv6k, jz0r, a73g, dpa0, ni1k, vvuk, hsykf, yje7, 5nmz, ugygw, iwo0, kemg, zmho, 8adol, i28ip, x6q17, i9utb, npazy, i453h, 0pkf5, fok3, uscci, yim4g, uawc0, 3m6u, jcjo, 9wqk6, zqzlf, jmfb4, we2p, i4cn trickle charge prius