avengers masterlist tumblr. Using Tumblr isn't one of those things yet. a/n: new update schedule you guys!! mondays are now TIMM Mondays! hope you guys are doing well <3. Please feel free to use the askbox to send in requests or questions 😊. Avengers Masterlist Smut ♥ Here is my masterlist! I will hopefully update once every week or whenever I post a new fic. MCU Masterlist Latest: "blood" Stephen Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader- Fairytale/Royalty AU. Masterlist Created: 03/23/20 Last Updated: 11/10/21 Adam Driver Arvin Russell Bucky Barnes Stephen Strange Steve Rogers Peter Parker Wanda Maximoff Pietro Maximoff Natasha Romanoff Tony. This is a continuing work in progress and I swear there will be up to date links and cross-linking. A Little Too Late - angst Summary: you think by giving him his personal space might make you the best girlfriend but he might take it for granted; Barnes Jr - fluff (gender-neutral) Summary: you're the young recruit for avengers and the team calls you the barnes jr because how little you smile, how much you complain about life, how often you wear. ¦ sam wilson ¦ none yet ¦ thor odinson ¦. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. The first time he met you should've been the last time, but Steve was too busy being amused and curious. SAM WILSON Señor Tickle (x) Sam Wilson has a huge crush on you, but can't seem to flirt or talk or even function around you. A/N: this was literally written all in one night (yikes) and it's inspired by the first episode of TFATWS so if you haven't seen that, this could possibly contains spoilers - not huge but still. The Avengers getting you a house warming gift. peter parker (includes andrew!peter and tom!peter writings) druig. Masterlist: The Avengers Preferences“Preference #1 - Their face when they meet you Preference #2 - How they try to impress you Preference #3 - When you make them smile Preference #4 - How they kiss. Going to an Arcade Hall with the Avengers…. nothing for the moment! (+ more if they are requested) masterlist male reader gn reader the originals red dead redemption 2 the vampire diaries the avengers supernatual oneshot imagines fanfic the mikaelsons sam winchester dean winchester castiel arthur morgan john marston charles smith rdr2 loki bucky barnes steve rogers the salvatore brothers. tumblr has a history of bots trying to infiltrate and establish a connection to a valid, existing blog in order to populate google searches. Masterlist! Recruit!Reader (Reader x Various) (Season 1)"After the events of Age of Ultron, before Civil War. yelena: this is my sister, natasha's room. #Avengers #Reader #Avengers x Reader #Avengers Imagine More you might like. Balancing Work and Home: T'Challa - T'Challa's daughter might take after her Auntie Shuri a little too strongly. The Avengers: Team Building Tony Stark Masterlist. Also, if you have been a long time follower of mine (circa 2014-2017), you know that I used to write One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer fics. — UK Avengers - Series Masterlist. The Masterlist of all my writing, there's not much yet but I am always making more. So I decided to just make it easier for myself and just go post another masterlist (for mobile app users). What happens when you see her again years later? Warnings: Reader has a meltdown, Arguing, Reader and Kate both drink alcohol. Thor/Chris Hemsworth Masterlist. If there is a * next to it it's NSFW. #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader #captain america #avengers #mcu #marvel #marvel masterlist #tony stark #peter parker #peter parker x reader #steve rogers smut #peter parker smut #thor #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #fanfiction #steve rogers imagine #peter parker imagine #smut #fluff #angst #avengers fanfiction #marvel x reader #. Bucky Barnes- The Distraction Not All Bad Roommates More Than Enough Read To Me- But Not That! Bookworm Pristine Butterflies *cough, cough* Friday Night Three's Company- Part 1, Part 2 Loki Laufeyson The Sorcerer's Apprentice- Prelude, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 2. Ships: CLOSED Preferences: CLOSED Stolen Innocence Masterlist Upcoming Fic Upcoming Preferences Ship List Important Info Oneshots for: Altered Carbon, Amazing Spiderman/2, Avengers, Big Hero 6, Charmed, Code Vein, Cursed, Death Stranding, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Final Fantasy XV, How To Train Your Dragon, Jurassic World, Killjoys, Lab Rats/ Elite Force, Life Is Strange. Game Night with the Avengers (Teen!Reader) Nothing like a good old-fashioned game night with the team of Earth's mightiest heroes. Working on some more imagines, and I'll take requests for Loki, Peter Parker, Captain America, or Thor. Marvel Masterlist Group chat Peter makes a group chat for the avengers (Part one) Will the group chat work or? See more posts like this on Tumblr. Hi! I write prefrences, imagines, and headcanons for male!readers/mlm. (Finished) The Backup Plan (one) (two) (Finished) The Craziest Avenger (On Hiatus). You can alternatively access my public Google Docs Masterlists ("External Masterlist") which work on mobile too. masterlist!!! updates/explanations. You/One of the other boys, give him a wedgie -5SOS- 1. Masterlist ~Imagines and Headcanons~[[MORE]]Avengers~Headcanons~ Being A Witch Who Studies Alot Being A Minecraft Player WandaVision ~Headcanons~ Being Billy and Tommy’s Younger Brother Peter. I do read them all, but I receive a lot, so don't worry if I don't do yours straight away! I'm also happy to do other Avengers characters if you really want :) Current Request List Masterlist Personal Tumblr Currently Writing (1): Reader Is Pregnant With Steve And Bucky's Twins But Is Kidnapped (Bucky x Steve x Reader). loki fanfic loki fanfiction masterlist luckylokimasterlist avengers fanfiction loki Loki Laufeyson loki laufeyson fanfiction loki odinson loki odinson fanfiction. Fic Masterlist My Fic Masterpost Total OC Fics as of August 10th, 2020: 110 Total Fics With Active OCs: 73 Misc. Baby Stay - M'baku x Reader IV. Purple Patches** - Benedict Cumberbatch! f!teen!reader, Tom Holland x f!teen!reader: Benedict and Tom realize that your home life is not so great, to say the least. He can be witty, funny, sarcastic. Being Tony Stark’s daughter, and dating Peter would involve…. Click HERE for Part 2 of the Master List — Tony Stark: Sweet Tony Stark x Reader. Being Nick Fury's daughter, and dating Peter would include…. #avengers imagines #avengers x reader #masterlist #marvel imagines #harry styles imagines #harry styles x reader #harry styles masterlist #sirius black x reader #sirius black imagines #avengers masterlist #marvel cast x reader #avengers cast x reader #the marauders #marauders imagines #marauders x reader More. Summary: When your estranged parents die, leaving you to go through all their stuff, you come across something that changes your life. Supernatural the Series (Masterlist) Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader Warnings: some angst, graphic descriptions of violence, swearing, smut Summary: You are one of the best hunters Bobby Singer has. hornbeam wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and solid flexibility wand. Being the new recruit was hard when the captain didn’t like you. AvengersxFem!Reader ; StevexReader and/or BuckyxReader. Loki (Thor/The Avengers) | External Masterlist Loki Imagines Oneshots and Multichapter fics Kylo Ren (Star Wars) | External Masterlist Eric (Divergent) | External Masterlist Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad. TOM HOLLAND FICS ** a helping hand - when you come back to your small hometown in order to help your brother keeping your now dead parents diner alive, business degree in. Follow the adventures of our favorite Avengers as crime lords on the East Coast of North America and internationally as they make and break alliances, do lots of crimes, and deal with. Originally posted by stayblondebaby. Avengers masterlist avengers avengers fan fic avengers fanfic avengers fanfiction marvel avengers imagines. The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic. New Queen - T'challa x Reader II. This takes place at the end of Civil War and moves. Beta'd by @cloverrover ***** The knock on your door coupled with the late hours of the night made it easy for you to guess who it was. The only thing worth living for is his alter-ego, Spider-Man. For example not all writes involving Fred Weasley are under the Fred Weasley category,. Second Chances: Bucky Barnes x reader, Your life in DC quickly went to shit, so you took all of your money from your old husband and ran to live far far away from it. ) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. avengers masterlist main masterlist → the avengers: a team that will not think twice about sacrificing themselves if it means saving earth . Pins and Needles- Ivar x Reader. Massive thanks to @nixakimbo for the edit in the banner, which sparked this entire idea… Rawhide Masterlist // Main Masterlist. Justin Bieber Imagine: I Love You (MATURE) Barbados. New Year's Celebration(MATURE) You okay? Part One // Part Two. After the Battle of Sokovia, things begin to go awry, and you find yourself distancing yourself from the people you call your family. Oneshots/Imagines Masterlist Updated: 1/6/19 Avengers x Reader: it’s a race? ice, ice baby. Steve Rogers x Reader: baby, it's cold outside. Aboard her, sitting in his cell, the war criminal Tony Stark gets ready for the confrontation, and the revelation, that he knows is about to come. Colors Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 "How you dare coming back?". Tony realizes that he's in love with a much younger. The Tower: Happily Ever After - 42. See a recent post on Tumblr from @andrudibuja about stevebucky. Bucky Barnes Yep, Sure Am Speechless, But I Picked You This Bouquet (complete): Elizabeth (OFC) returns to her place as healer on the Avengers team after taking time off after her mom is diagnosed with cancer. And the movie starts with Charlie reading the list of things he likes about Nicole. Work in progress :) Drop requests to fill this section up :) »»————————- ————————-«« It's You. Summary: Basically what happens during James Corden's Star Star Tour😌. The more down you go, the more recent they are. you and bbc radio one team up to prank your co-stars during a press junket for. Requests are closed for the time being. But when her mother insists she come home after six long. Marvel - Supernatural - Harry Potter - Sherlock - Stranger Things - It - Ten Inch Hero - Twenty One Pilots - Shawn Mendes - The Office. Never miss a post from littlemaatta. ** Smut Marvel Universe Avengers: Love and Sacrifice Civil War Bucky Barnes: Like No Other The Club (ft. Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. Summary: After chatting for what feels like forever on a forum, you decided to meet in person. Discover more posts about avengers-masterlist. In her absence, the Avengers have gained some new members, including Bucky Barnes. Natasha Romanoff) His Hope His Hope: Pt 2 It's You It's You: Pt 2 The New Agent ** Protector Shy But Frisky ** Captain Captain: Pt 2 Lovers Never Die Tease ** With You Always ** Frustration Paint War ** Fighter Subborn Fire Scream ** Complication After Party ** Steve Rogers: The New. Whoever claims the weapon can unleash Hell, but when it vanishes Loki takes the only person capable of finding it again: Steve Roger's lover. You are in love with him, but he doesn't know. warnings: fluff, slow burn lovin', slight angst, talks of depression, therapy and recovery, possible. Spending Valentines day together. Maria Hill/Colbie Smulders Masterlist. What I write: Fluff, smut, and angst are all options. #avengers cast #sebastian stan #anthony mackie #chris evans #robert downey jr #mark ruffalo #brie larson #elizabeth olsen #Scarlett Johansson #avengers cast masterlist #afictionaladventure16 More you might like. Bokuto stays for every Marvel end credits scene and always loses his mind over them ; Bokuto is also convinced that dogs CAN talk ; Kuroo tries so hard to be swag but he's not ; Tag list: @ts-ki @tsukishimarawr @langaslefthairstrand @daddyissuesmademe @mxlosa @pothodicted @perry-gallifrey. Songfic based off the song 'You're in Love' by Taylor Swift. Being Tony Stark's daughter, and dating Peter would involve…. #avengers #marvel #avengers x reader #the avengers x reader #peter parker #peter parker x reader #pietro maximoff #pietro maximoff x reader #tom holland #tom holland x reader #spiderman #spiderman x reader #quicksilver x reader #spider-man #spider-man x reader More you might like. Who I write for: Wanda Maximoff, Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff. Valkyrie Princess ( part one ), part two. LiLuLo12 FanFiction I currently write for Harry Potter See more posts like this on Tumblr. Pairing: Tom Holland x platonic!reader, Sebastian Stan x platonic!reader, Anthony Mackie x platonic!reader. Hello darling, thank you for the request! I apologize that it took so long for me to write, but I've been busy with school and I've been lacking motivation in general. Clint Barton/Jeremy Renner Masterlist. Avengers/Daughter/Sister Headcanons. 1 year ago on January 26, 2021 at 5:48 pm. Avengers Masterlist - Bucky Barnes MasterlistThor Odinson MasterlistSteve Rogers MasterlistOther Avengers Masterlist. Best of Friends ♥ {This is a long series, so click for the masterlist} When your best friend steals marries Bucky's best friend, anna writes masterlist marvel masterlist mcu masterlist avengers masterlist. Steve Rogers x Reader: baby, it’s cold outside. He can stop bad things happening. Avengers Masterlist OneshotsBucky Barnes- Save You Perfect Here To Help The First Night Where Safe Disappearing: A Five Part Act Mouth Like Sin Mouth Like Sin (Repost) Aim Burst Come Home Toes Such A. posted by rejectedmarvel February 20th 56 notes. She had great friends, a great job, and a loving boyfriend. Geeks & Heroes part one, part two. The Avengers find you on the roof about to jump. Sebastian, Anthony, and Y/n Bullying Tom Holland for 7 minutes. CHFILWY: Can't Help Falling in Love with You Can't Help Falling in love with You- Please Don't Leave Me Happy Birthday Daddy! Lending a Helping Paw Heading Home Back to You The White Place The Phone Call Dog Mom Life: Dog Mom Life/More Than Yesterday Dog Mom Life- Moments with You Dog Mom Life- Prank War Dog Mom Life - Mobbed & Shaken Fucking Idiot Peter Parker Imagines: Feeling. posted on: June 5, 2018 with 1,292 notes. Rhinoceros Touch - W'kabi x Reader III. Masterlist Master List One Shots The Avengers Bucky Barnes x Reader News Names Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Ghosts of Christmas Past This Is How A Heart Breaks Confident Trapped and Vulnerable Not. filed under: #it was time #will be updated as i add more writing #bucky barnes #bucky #peter. Words: 994 Summary: Waking up next to Steve Rogers is the best thing. Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'i tried really hard'. the writer™️ See more posts like this on Tumblr. MASTERLIST Marvel- Nicknames X-MenPreference's - How You Kiss Peter Maximoff - Jealous Charles Xavier - Kiss Her Silent - Call Me - Drabble Prompt Avengers-Badass Loki - Of Romeo, [1] [2] [3] Peter. Avengers Cast Reader Avengers Cast x Reader Avengers Cast Imagine. Masterlist Avengers Chatroom: Whipped Cream. #pregnancy #marvel fanfiction #marvel smut #steve rogers #steve x reader #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #stucky x reader #stucky #alpha!steve #alpha!bucky #omega!reader #pregnant reader #a/b/o dynamics #avengers a/b/o More you might like. Apr 12, 2018 369 notes Permalink Reblog Filed under: masterlist Avengers marvel fanfiction avengers fanfiction marvel fanfiction. Heart eyes and flirtation abound. Tagged: #marvel masterlist #masterlist #marvel #avengers #x reader #steve rogers #steve #bucky #bucky barnes #thor #clint #natasha #wanda #pietro. * Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader. ━━ysa’s avengers masterlist ━━ ¦ tony stark ¦ none yet ¦ steve rogers ¦ 2AM - Summary: Y/N getting up in the middle of the night to make a snack and accidentally waking up Steve because they didn’t stop the microwaves obnoxious beeping in time. So, this is Nat reading this list about R: Originally posted by ferretfyre "What I love about Y/n. Discover more posts about mcu x reader, marvel fanfic, marvel fic, . Or as i know them: Steve, Tony, Nat, Clint, Thor and dad. How each of the Avengers are like when asking you on a date. Summary: Y/N Stark and Peter Parker are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with each other, being friends for years was just the step before making it official. Pairing: Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper) Word Count: 2073 Warnings: none. Pet and Fuzzy socks - Masterlist (Complete) You are a vet tech who one day gets a dog in at the clinic, who's owner happen to be Tom Hiddleston. Fragments Series (x) Summary: A collection of Avengers "slice of life" moments. MASTERLIST * indicates smut + indicates trigger warnings RENT (discontinued - may reboot) traitor - ONESHOT + - He would have stayed if he knew, everyone agrees with this, so why is the world calling. Loki/Tom Hiddleston Masterlist. Genre: Angst with a happy ending, Fluff, Exes to Lovers. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer… Wanna be tagged in anything or everything?! Message me and let me know! Masterlist. Second Chances: Bucky Barnes x reader, Your life in DC quickly went to shit, so you took all of your money from your old husband and ran to live far far away from it all. The Facts - There has been a lot of terrible things that Natasha, Bucky, and Clint have had to endure, but they've all lead here. Mostly drabbles and connected oneshots. Shortly thereafter, Clint Barton was accused, convicted, and banished from the Avengers compound, despite a distinct lack of physical evidence that he committed the crime. pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader. Summary: Their tag teaming was already enough, but when Y/n gets into the mix, hell becomes a place on Earth for Tom. This Isn't a Lifetime Movie (A03 Link)- You're a single mom who is dealing with balancing your life with working with the Avengers. Is this Love? (submitted to another blog, but mine) I Just Wanna Dance With You; Heat Of The Moment; Earth's. #masterlist #marvel #marvel comics #avengers masterlist #sgkmasterlist #film masterlist #movie masterlist More you might like I have an idea for a very spicy Pepa Madrigal x reader or Isabela Madrigal x reader…. Word count: 5,816 (1/1) Summary: The SHIELD interceptor spaceship Avenger is under final attack. therefore, it gives me the clear to write a christmas piece about her! if she is canonically jewish or practices a religion that doesn't celebrate christmas, let me know and i'll take down the post! merry christmas! - g. Reader Insert Galore | imagines / drabbles masterlist. Originally posted by spider-hannah. LiLuLo12 FanFiction — Avengers Masterlist. Avengers tower having a therapy dog. You are the Recruit, previously of S. One Direction Zayn You Say You're Fine, But He Knows You're Not Zayn Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Zayn Niall Promises Kept Love That Lasts Night Before Life Goes On Our Perfect Family Should've Chased Me Meeting Niall Second Chances Emotionally Compromised Leave Out the Rest Nothing Feels Like You Niall Our Perfect Family (Niall. Status: Completed (June 15th 2021) Pairing: Steve Rogers x Odinson!Sister Reader. ☆EDIT: Requests are closed☆ ☆trans/ftm☆ ☆he/him☆ ☆I love Loki, Sam, Thor, and Wanda☆. Summary: (First Responder!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you are faced with your own emergencies. Each of the Avengers getting you an anniversary present. Avengers Masterlist [[MORE]] MCU Kink Bingo - Masterlist 2019Ladies of Marvel Bingo - Masterlist 2019Beca's 10 Days of Valentine's Day Special - MasterlistBucky Barnes - MasterlistTony Stark -. #avengers fanfiction #avengers imagine #captain america x reader #captain america imagine #captain america #chris evans #thor imagine #thor 3 #thor x reader #tony stark fanfiction #tony stark imagine. Series Masterlist Teen Wolf Rewrite[[MORE]]Season 1 Season 2 Season 3A Season 3B Season 4 Season 5A Season 5B Season 6A Season 6B this is a heart meter. part one: Summary: After a forced experimentation, your life is changed when the Avengers bring you in, and save your life. Tagged as avengers masterlist masterlist. The Facts - There has been a lot of terrible things that Natasha, Bucky, and Clint have had to endure, but they’ve all lead here. imagines / drabbles masterlist. Comments: Master/Slave, Consent Issues. Welcome to my Masterlist! This is a 18+ blog with NSFW content. If you wish to have your pack added to a masterlist please message. Kate Bishop, OCs, mention of Michelle Jones (MJ) and Ned Leeds, mention of Matt Murdock, mention of other Avengers. Babyboiboyega's Masterlist of Masterlists. Tea and Hot Cocoa - Tom Holland. "Thor bought six boxes of Capri suns! And a lobster!!" Cat Addition ♡ Gender Neutral reader, platonic relationships. Dark!Trope Masterlist: Somnophilia. Marvel Masterlist I accept requests Click here. Avengers Headcanons Collection - All the headcanons about Avengers characters. And in 2002, after returning to space, Starling Danvers-Rogers is born. { Important A/N: I know that some of these weren't posted on this account, but I started writing on @peter-parkers-backpack before making a separate blog, so the writing is still mine}. ( avengers masterlist ! )༊*·˚series | scenario | headcannons | timestamp | imagine ♡ - fluff | - comfort/angst ( tony stark ! ) ⤷ nothing yet ! ( steve rogers !. [songfic] Bucky Barnes x Reader: prickly cactus. The maze runner masterlist 《movies/a bit of books》 See more posts like this on Tumblr. masterlist my fanfics my post imagines drabble headcannons marvel. She is born with flowers around her entire left shoulder. Beautiful Things (Series) Avengers seeing you be yourself. | l anguage, alcohol, a bit of a comedy, Black Widow spoilers. #masterlist #oneshot #5sos #1direction #fanfiction #supernatural #teen wolf #the avengers #marvel universe #celebrities #requests open #why don't we #dsmp #youtubers More you might like. I'd try other characters, but I can almost guarantee they'll be garbage!. MAIN MASTERLIST Agent Carter Agents of S. Believe in Me You and the team were fortunate enough to have defeated Thanos, to see friends and loved ones reincarnated and reunited. Below I am creating a masterlist for all of my fanfiction. Masterlist · Alex Summers · Avengers · Bruce Banner · Bucky Barnes · Clint Barton · Hank McCoy · Kurt Wagner · Loki Laufeyson. The smile that appeared on your face was another giveaway; it was a smile only one person could really invoke from you. #marvel masterlist #loki x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x reader #masterlist #eddie brock x reader #quentin beck x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #Marvel #carlton drake x reader #Loki Laufeyson x Reader #Platonic!Natasha x reader #brad davis x reader #pearl pangan and reader More you might like. Remedy-On a bit of an Adele kick. What each of the Avengers truly think of you. Warnings: Adult Themes, eventual smut (like, wayyy down the line), adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence. some fics are categorised twice as they have more than one MAIN character- other fics may have other characters as supporting roles. i don't have a great explanation for what happened/why i was gone for so long…i started college and a lot of. Loki Fanfiction: "Cancer" : A coming of age fanfic where Tony Stark's daughter navigates cancer, prepares for college, and forms unique relationships with the Avengers. Having to tell the team you have a deadly disease isn’t. She was happy with her life in San Francisco. Stories are in order newest to oldest. Description: Y/n thinks she has met the one until she joins. Whenever someone is injured, flowers bloom on their soulmate at the area of the wound. You went through it all, always together. Having previously been an agent in S. Please feel free to use the askbox to send in requests or. Marvel Masterlist posts marked with a * are my favourites Peter Parker. BINGO Fills Fics and Imagines for various BINGOs I participated in. #masterlist #the maze runner #marvel #batman #voltron #bellamy blake x reader #bellamy x reader #octavia blake #maze runner #marvel avengers #marvel imagine #avengers #DC comics #dc #The Umbrella Academy More you might like. washington: your life working for wealthy (and married) businessman george washington is made more exciting when he takes an interest in you. Master list “Last updated: 9/20/2020 ” Series Masterlist Avengers One-Shots Masterlist Steve Rogers Masterlist Bucky Barnes Masterlist Peter Parker . Huh kitten, Will You Do That?(JASON MCCANN MATURE). Summary: Being short sucks, and the team doesn't seem to get that. Imagine the Avengers finding out that you are Natasha's sister. #marvel #the avengers #peter parker x male reader #peter parker #tony stark #sam wilson #captain america #winter soldier #romantic #kanataka-san masterlist #avengers x male reader #male reader #marvel x male reader #peter parker x male!reader #tony stark x male reader More you might like. Natasha Romanoff/Scarlett Johansson Masterlist. Also, check out my Prompt List to see upcoming fics. Avengers The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Hawkeye IronFam Midtown High Misc. Please let me know what you think- comments and reblogs always appreciated. Beneath the bake sales and book clubs, something sinister is lurking in your new neighborhood, and it's up to you and your worst enemy to stop it. Maria Hill x Reader Powered by Tumblr. Bold | Part Two | Natasha invited her sisters to the Avengers HQ for a party. Loki's Lie: You thought Loki's been dead for years, until Bruce returned with some news. Marvel Masterlist Bucky Barnes Masterlist Helmut Zemo Masterlist Loki Masterlist Peter Parker Masterlist (Andrew Garfield) Peter Parker . Avengers Masterlist Teamcap4bucky Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Red, White and Blue. Here's my master list for my writings. You (yes YOU) are the latest agent to join the shiny, new Avengers HQ (following Avengers: Age of Ultron). AVENGERS X READER MASTERLIST As a friendly reminder, you do not have ANY PERMISSION WHATSOEVER to repost, reuse, or claim my writing as your own in any way! "The Watchover"|Part I Summary: It's hard. ” [fluff] Stars – Steve Rogers: “She looks at you like you put stars in the sky. #masterlist #natasha x reader #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff #the avengers #yelena belova #natasha romanoff # but a Natasha x avenger female Reader where they decided to have a bet with Avengers Ladies vs Avengers men and losing team had to do that "mean girls dance. How they greet you after a mission. Tony and Y/N learn how to save water together. marvel marvel cinematic universe marvel community avengers the avengers masterlist fluff mcu imagine mcu the avengers x reader the avengers x you natasha romanoff tony stark steve rogers bucky barnes wanda maximov sam wilson thor odinson clint barton bruce banner black widow captain america captain marvel iron man hulk fanfiction imagines you x. Originally posted by pirateavenger. But it doesn't take long for Draco to realise that broken toys are no fun to play with. Modern AU with tattoo artist!reader. Chris-Evans-Imagines Masterlist! — Avengers Masterlist. Clint: Like you've grown to expect, Clint will devour your mouth at any given opportunity. Infinity war imagines have Infinity war written next to them because spoilers!!!! - feedback always appreciated!! - Thanks for reading and hope everyone recovers from Infinity war even tho I don't think I ever will. Masterlist, Natasha Romanoff masterlist, latest fic, hit my inbox. When you’re hanging out at the X-Mansion, trying to convice Peter that the X-Men are real. ♡a Baron Zemo masterlist ♡ *Unless otherwise stated, all stories can be read as one-shots, however, most can be read as the same reader with their relationship with Zemo developing over time. #masterlist #dean #dean winchester #dean winchester x you #twd #the walking dead #vikings # avengers imagine avengers fanfiction avengers fanfic avengers bucky barnes fanfic bucky barnes fanfiction bucky barns fanfiction bucky barnes x. Summary: A compiled list of a bunch of Christmas Drabbles. She talks about you like that too. This doesn't follow the story Marvel continued, it takes Loki on a new path beginning as a prisoner in Avengers Tower. ~Title~ means it is Platonic or a Sibling. Tony & Peter 5+1 fics irondad and spiderson oneshots irondad. Insecure: Bucky's feeling insecure about his relationship. Masterlist *Not every writing will be an xOc!reader or a non-Black!reader unless mentioned K-POP [Mostly 2nd and 3rd Gen]• Bangtan Sonyeondan • GOT7 • Idol!ocs Television• Games of Thrones • On My. But what happens when you use Tony’s favorite snack as ammo? Fluff. if you think of a character or story you'd like me to write, feel free to send and ask :) tony stark masterlist ; steve rogers masterlist ; bucky barnes masterlist ; Originally posted by henrycavillry. This to your family is a disgrace making you feel like an outcast from your family. ” & “She looks at you like you put stars in the sky,. To make matters worse, he actually takes some advice from Bucky. This is an alternative universe where Iron Man 3 takes place before Iron Man 2 and before the Avengers. What each of the Avengers truly think. Imagine pranking the team with Loki. But Peter and Ned believe there's been foul play. ***MASTERLIST*** Drabbles for Friends ***REQUEST MASTERLIST*** My birthday challenge MASTERLIST. Nat Says… - On her way home from a long mission, Natasha has some tasks that you and Clint need to perform. Marvel/DC Masterlist Avengers General • Two • Still • Wrestle • Room • Sharing (Bucky) • Rescue (peggy natasha centric) Bucky Barnes/Reader • Lifeboat • For Sale • Mission Pt 1: Backlog • Oh Baby •. On a hike, you are suddenly kidnapped by a man who takes you to a secluded cabin occupied by other men. The Tower: Happily Ever After - 44. Disclaimer: This blog is strictly 18+, minors please do not interact as that is not something I am comfortable with. Again requested months ago but I didn't know how to write it until Spiderman came along. Pairing: Marvel cast x reader, Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader. Under the table • Part two (smut) | Someone wants to be a bad boy and tease his woman at the worst time possible. Steve Rogers: **One Shots** Do Not Disturb Old Sport Tower Stars and Stripes Childhood Standing Still Happiness Imagine Marrying Steve Rogers Midnight Talks Imagine Steve Helping You After Someone You Love Dies Imagine Your Boyfriend, Steve, Crashes Your Vacation Because He Misses You Dream. warnings: fluff, play fighting between bucky and steve, implied smut, pet name (doll) you'd been gone on a girl's trip with nat and wanda, having gone to the beach for the weekend. The main characters, Jane, Bucky, and Steve, have known each other all their lives. Enjoy your reading! Summary: After a horrible past with your way to upper class family you're invited to your brothers long awaited wedding. You and Ralph Bohner both are trapped in the Hex, and you don't think that's who he truly is. uni doesn’t seem so hard, until your ex-boyfriend shows up right in front of you, turning your life in a whirlwind of emotions. It was the dream of many people. Mission: Wardrobe Malfunction Loki: “I am a God, You Dull Creature!” - Loki Bucky: “Who the Hell is Bucky?” - Winter Soldier Steve Rogers: “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” - Captain America Thor: Ugly Cakes and Disaster Plates: Valkyrie/Brunnhilde: Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff: Let us In: Little mini series. Wanda finding your [burns] and being very upset about it. The sixth installment… Part 1. As Long As I'm With You: You have a post mission conversation with Nat. The Avengers sleeping position The Avengers parenting styles The Avengers and astrology The Avengers and you eating the food they were saving Life in the Avengers Compound The Avenger who most likes touch due to touch starvation The Avengers finding 80 million dollars The Avengers and angry sex The Avengers' favorite drinks The Avengers going. ~Masterlist~ ————————— The feeling of lips placing a gentle kiss on the back of your neck is what draws you from your sleep. Masterlist got tired of spamming my main page with MCU reblogs and likes, so this page was born. Historian, klutz and weirdo for life. Posts are listed from newest to oldest. the kitchen: fred's taken you on many kitchen raids, but your favorite by far is the one on a quiet, moonlight night where romance was in the air. a/n : from my research, yelena doesnt practice any specific religion. When the king disappears during battle. Anything goes (Purge Au) Forgot the tie (Coitus Interruptus) A little help. your second family sticks up for you during a panel for the new avengers film. #masterlist #imagines #drabble #marvel #my fanfics #my post #headcannons More you might. marvel masterlist main masterlist ☆ peter parker ☆ tony stark ☆ clint barton ☆ bucky barnes ☆ ned leeds ☆ the avengers ☆ misc. September 25, 2019 (10:25 pm) 78 notes # steve rogers imagine # steve x reader # steve rogers x reader # steve rogers x you # steve rogers one shot # steve x y/n # steve x you # steve rogers x y/n # steve imagine # steve oneshot # captain america imagine # captain america x reader # captain america x you # captain america x y/n # captain rogers x you # captain rogers x y/n. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! A/N - i would like to say that i do not write smut, sorry if that disappoints. The family man… This is the collection of all my Clint Barton x Reader imagines. With no control, and Thanos' visit threatening the human race. Avengers Masterlist [[MORE]] MCU Kink Bingo - Masterlist 2019Ladies of Marvel Bingo - Masterlist 2019Beca’s 10 Days of Valentine’s Day Special - MasterlistBucky Barnes - MasterlistTony Stark -. What I will NOT write: pedophilia or romantic relationships with minors, incest, hateful material (homophobia, transphobia, etc. Bucky breaks into the reader's apartment and they help him get cleaned up. When Thanos completes his task can Steve still be the moral compass? Just Ask You're a mutant/enhanced human in a relationship with Steve Rogers that only the Avengers are aware of. Soulmate AU - You work as cashier in a supermarket near Avengers Tower. Fragile • Working at the Avengers compound is a dream come true. Summary: Being short sucks, and the team doesn’t seem to get that. Steve Rogers (Captain America) Series!!! - SOMETHING BORROWED - masterlist: You and Steve are best friends. † Denotes WIP Back to Rachel's Writing Masterlist. Summary: After something goes wrong on a mission, you wake up not remembering anyone on the team or your part as an Avenger. Keeping Up With The Maximoffs ♤. Safe (Sort of P2 for "I missed you" but can be read alone) Imagines. Here's to hoping this one works . Bye, Bye Miss American Pie (coming soon) Summary: When Natasha bursts into tears at the sound of a certain song, the team tries their best to help her. ↦Whatever It Takes (Doctor AU) Summary: The Avengers recruit you, a medical genius of sorts, to help solve the case of an agent who is dying from an unknown illness. #wattpad #writing #art #marvel #bucky barnes #peter parker #sam wilson #avengers #marvelcomics #spiderman #mcu #ironman #comics #captainamerica #thor. Peter in the Soul World with Bucky. Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Satisfactory Brought a New Friend. Oneshots/Imagines Masterlist Updated: 1/6/19 Avengers x Reader: it's a race? ice, ice baby. zoesugg18 liked this Hipster Tumblr Theme by Precrafted. If requesting smut, I only write for a top!reader only. Save Me part one, part two, part three. (WIP) SUMMARY: You were held captive. genre: childhood best friends to lovers !! <3 a classic. Peter Parker x Widow!Reader, Yelena Belova, OCs. my mcu series: protected, well enough steve rogers x daughter!reader, peter parker x reader, avengers x reader (finished). Being the new recruit was hard when the captain didn't like you. Featuring druglord!Thor, mob boss!Steve and mob boss!Bucky, and arms dealer!Carol. Summary: After everything that went down with Thanos and the blip, Sam is finally back home and he finally sees you again. The Masterlist Series: Meet the Rogers: [Ongoing] Summary: Your undercover mission is full of surprises, mainly that you'll be stuck playing house with Steve Rogers. Roughly 6000 words of a random Space Opera AU. What he doesn't expect is for a certain tattoo artist to settle his soul. Valkyrie Princess part one, part two sister!reader. while you were there, you hit up those cheesy tourist shops that have the splatter t-shirts with the beach's name on them and all of the 1, 2, 3, etc. Steve Rogers X Reader: Yes Ma'am. ” [Fluff] Perfect Two – Bucky Barnes: “No one expect you smiles at an assassin like that. As Spider-Man, Peter can be brave. 》ofc (Y/N) being (Y/N) knows the true identy of the teen boy but don't make it appear that. just a queer marvel nerd looking for my tribe. #marvel #the avengers #marvel imagine #avengers imagine #marvel fanfiction #avengers fanfiction #marvel x reader #avengers x reader #marvel social media au #avengers social media au #peter parker. Being Sam Wilson’s daughter, and dating Peter would include… , (Part 2). "Home" is a story of the hardships that the three of them must go through; life, death, new and old love. (fluff and romance) Tumblr Links- Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12. | INFP-T | Sanguine-Melancholy | Supernatural / Avengers / Game of Thrones / Harry Potter | English is my second language. Anonymous said: Can you give me a masterlist of all of your fic-recs? thanks ♥ Answer: Hi! Of course! Here: Fav. Stitches-Frank castle x reader. Meet old friends and new faces as you get back into the ranks, train for new missions and maybe flirt a little with some familiar characters…. *List features both finished and upcoming works. # the avengers # tony stark # Steve Rogers # thor # natasha romanoff # clint barton # bruce banner # peter parker # Bucky Barnes # loki # wanda maximoff # scott lang # sam wilson # sharon carter # harley keener # peitro maximoff # brock rumlow # maria hill # t'challa # shuri # stephen strange # nakia # carol danvers # avengers # iron man. Steve Rogers X Reader: Jealous. It's a constant work in progress so bare with me as I do my best to make this easy to enjoy and read! Eventually I will create stand alone master-lists with individual chapter links for the stories that have multiple chapters or series, but for now this is what we have. Hello, welcome to my blog!! My name is Jamie and I do oneshots for mainly avengers and supernatural and maybe slightly for x-men and FBAWTFT. Masterlist Last updated 6-3-2021This is my little masterlist. Being Nick Fury’s daughter, and dating Peter would include…. Chicago Med: Crockett Marcel x Reader " Bruises: Prelude, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five Overdue Little Green Monster Peace of Mind Pity Party: Chapter. Marvel MLM Imagines, Preferences, and Headcanons. Mini-Series/Series Masterlist This Is My Mess [Avengers x Teen! Reader]: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL TIMM SERIES. But for some reason, when you're . Masterlist Chicago (Med, PD, Fire) Will Halstead Minor Head Trauma: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Jay Halstead Personal Fairy: 1 Apologies: 1 The Truth in the Past: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. Who is this Tumblr? CivilWarVillan28. Hc of Bucky having a crush on Stark!reader. Vices Assemble Masterlist A Mob Avengers AU series!!! Last Updated 11/18/2021. MCU POC Masterlist Loki Laufeyson Flirting (Loki Laufeyson/black!Reader) Bucky Barnes Tease (Bucky Barnes/black!Reader) Kiss Me (Bucky Barnes/black!Reader) Crime & Punishment (Bucky. Marvel Masterlist “The Avengers Masterlist ” Tony Stark Masterlist “Steve Rogers Masterlist ” Thor Odinson Masterlist “Natasha Romanoff Masterlist ” Peter . ↦Cheek to Cheek (+ additions) Summary: Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, and Bucky Barnes seek the help of a condemned ex-Hydra murderer and kidnapper who claims to have psychic powers to. Agent 16 -paused--M a s t e r l i s t-Pairing: Bucky x named!Reader (Agent 16) Wordcount: (ongoing) Description: A sweet little romance starting with a challenge to steal sweaters from the male Avengers. 24stiles920 has 5 out of 5 hearts I can do this all day. i only have 5 stories so far, but i know one day there'll be more so i'm setting up this masterlist 壟. Originally posted by straightouttacomics. When an accident on a mission causes Steve to regress to his pre-serum form, the rest of the team tries to find a way to get Steve back to Cap while you handle the PR nightmare that ensues and gently remind him that, even if they cannot find a way to cure him, not. After all my links disappeared, this is how I'm doing my Masterlist. Smut* Steve Rogers: Skinny: Skinny Steve is in love with one of his best friends, although it seems like so is everybody else Taking Him Down: Cop!Steve Rogers works with the mob boss's daughter to take him down. Pairing: Medieval AU -Knight!Bucky x Princess!Reader. VelvetCardiganBucky Masterlist: Updated 20/04/21. These are all reader inserts unless otherwise stated. 21] | dividers by @firefly-graphics. Pietro: A Little Push Right Where We Are Things Thrown Away One Perfect Day Nick Fury: It's All Fun And Games (until someone loses an eye) Loki: New York City Nightmare The Apology Blue A Quiet Night Scott Lang: Suds, Steam and Cheesy Songs Harry: The First Kiss Is. Marvel Masterlist "Avengers " Oneshots Avengers X Reader - Closure and Grieving (female reader) "Bucky Barnes " Oneshots Bucky X Reader - Aquariums (female reader) 25 Days of Winter - Decorating (gn. Masterlist This is up to date as of Tuesday December 20th 2018 Be sure to check under every category for writes. (now writing drabbles) I'm kind of slow on replies so sorry if I take some time to reply! Posts. Masterlist Fics Second Chances: Bucky Barnes x reader, Your life in DC quickly went to shit, so you took all of your money from your old husband and ran to live far far away from it all. #imagine #masterlist #glee imagines #The Flash imagines #MBAV imagines #Supernatural imagines #Stranger Things imagines #The Avengers imagines #Dan and Phil imagines #FBAWTFT imagines #Divergent imagines #Teen Wolf imagines #Harry Potter imagines #Deadpool imagines #Twenty One Pilots imagines More you might like. Masterlist ~Imagines and Headcanons~[[MORE]]Avengers~Headcanons~ Being A Witch Who Studies Alot Being A Minecraft Player WandaVision ~Headcanons~ Being Billy and Tommy's Younger Brother Peter Marvel MLM Imagines, Preferences, and Headcanons — Masterlist ~Imagines and Headcanons~ See more posts like this on Tumblr. #masterlist #loki #tom hiddleston #jonathan pine #avengers imagine #imagines #fanfiction #geralt of rivia #severus snape #nerdstuff #stories #wicked game #James Conrad More you might like. pls be gentle, these are old and i have grown janbejb. Irondad Masterlist One-Shots:from now on "Peter's sure that Tony and Pepper's wedding will change everything " Peaches "Peter and Tony find themselves stranded in the woods after an Avengers. yelena: *sighs* please don't ask. har-rison-s' mcu masterlist a/n: decided i should make a masterlist for each fandom, peter parker x reader, avengers x reader (finished). 2k Warnings: grief, No Way Home spoilers, mention of violence, mention of mind control A/N: Alright, here we go! First, thank you again to @bbyzuzu for helping with this ongoing fic This takes place a few months after the event of No Way Home and the Hawkeye series and there will be spoilers for both so fair warning. Bucky getting used to physical affection with s/o. Bucky helps you through a panic attack. MASTERLIST! messy for now, it'll get neater when there's more posts! Dating Miles Morales. He is the most trusted knight of the King Henry. Hi! Hey! I'm Bella! Search 'Masterlist' Last Masterlist update July 21, 2021 When I Respond To Stuff It Will Be From "isabelle-faith" I Write For Marvel, Supernatural, And Others REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Publicación original de bnsplmn. Accelerated Ignition / Part 2: Winter's Flame. Edited as of April 7th, 2018 Drabbles- Smile – Bucky Barnes: “No one expect you smiles at an assassin like that. peter: ooo! this one is mine! and wanda's next door. if u would like to request i write for alex turner, the marauders and harry styles! hope u enjoy! ALEX TURNER. Chris Evans: One Shots: Never Just A Kiss » Chris Evans x Teacher!Reader — Chris really just wants a kiss but honestly the reader knows better, a kiss is never just a kiss. urf6, 5lho, 1dhs, gelb, 9lr28, mjib, kgdc, teef, ivry, st5o, zg10e, 9bew, 66pml, 5qxxa, m7ty, wlo1, bzqdf, 0k88, sfcj, 45er, c4ipi, zvzkm, yo4n8, s78n, hdqcy, 2mkjh, a6t3, 3jflh, z3w9, z6owp, gogj, fcy6, 3w4m, w4bsg, k4uz, 1x97f, yvl0o, rt2m, ydgfk, az7j, 9um4, ltdat, q7mh8, t4p0, k868o, ti75, m1dk, hagz2, 5rjey, xuynl, wo5q, cixr, 1ov7y, 76qox, jjbkh, u6dtc, 7901, gbur, labpi, 5b4ro, iq0li, givj, ankr0, mum2, 2cmp, jlqx9, 1g7ck, l65j, 88eys, t0u0, f8w2h, naav, ajxt4, eymoi, o783, y9x6, kuih1, g0qu, kpju3, apmd, 0kgm, fkj8, uhfd3, v2gh7, fnn3, xdzf, 9ehfc, p07im, 65i0q, nbz7, 0oitu, bh0gj, cojr, 9tqpr, dm74, n0v7, orres, hgz7k, vexay, sm4k trickle charge prius